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How can I get the percentage uptime measurement from the iSeries?

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To my knowledge, there is nowhere on the i5 to pull such data. We just keep a log of unscheduled down time and calculate it manually each quarter for upper management.

As of 07/14/09 our i5, which runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, has an uptime 99.96%. This is pretty much the standard uptime for any i5.

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  • BigKat
    Gosh Teandy, something must be wrong with your system. It is ONLY getting 99.96% uptime!! :)
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  • Lovemyi
    It really depends on what exactly you are charting for the definition of uptime. Do you mean the server itself or does that include subsystems like QINTER or QBATCH? There are so many variables to factor in. We tracked system up time for our EnterpriseOne environment and that included when OneWorld Services were brought down for maintenance which has nothing to do with the iSeries machine itself but our management still wanted it counted that way. It relates to the end user total experience. If any part of the system is down includng Citrix or the web server then to the end user the entire system is down. Because of this fact there is no way to get that information directly from the iSeries machine. We also kept a detailed log in operations. Lovemyi
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  • mcl
    In a recent survey or servers we participated in, downtime was only counted if it was unscheduled. Based on that, our production i5 had 100% uptime. (Well, it *was* a survey of government systems.) The only time the system is ever "down" is for scheduled maintenance (cache battery replacement, system backups and O/S Upgrades). Our development 820 system went down once - because the UPS it was plugged into failed. But, they weren't interested in development systems for the survey. Regards Mike
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  • Tomotsk
    Thanks for all your responses, I suppose when you have a platform with has such reliability the is no need for a means to measure downtime!!!
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