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I'm new to lotus domino, our company is currently running lotus domino server 6.5.1 and will be getting new servers and upgrading to domino server 8.5, I have a test server now in which I installed domino server 8.5 how do I move current users on domino server 6.5.1 to domino server 8.5...I'm still in a test mode cause I am learning as I go so I would like to move users over a little at a time so not to loose there mail files.

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what I recommend in this case is :

1- before you start doing any thing make sure that all the important data in the production servers are backed up and safe
2-make sure that all the files with the extension ( .nsf) like names.nsf , (.id) like server.id and a file called ( notes.ini) are safe and backed up
3- follow the following procedure

Considerations for mail servers (Upgrade Action Plan)

For many organizations, e-mail is considered a mission-critical application. For this reason, special attention should be given to the evaluation of your mail infrastructure.

Road Map (Pre-installation Steps)
Check the administration request databases and see if there is any old pending request, just approve/delete it if it is necessary.
Check the log file and see if there is any error. Just try to resolve it first.
Restrict server usage using the server_restricted=1 dynamic Notes.ini parameter and drop all users from server sessions. This notes.ini parameter does not stay in effect after Domino is restarted. To maintain the setting after a Domino server restart use server_restricted=2.
Force routing of all mail still waiting for delivery, and then stop the router and SMTP tasks. To force mail that is pending to a destination server, issue the route <destination server address> Domino console command.
Delete all the debug entries if it is existing in notes.ini
Remove lan0 from notes.ini and keep only TCP
(Optional) Purge all administrative requests using adminp console command. Load command on the console “tell adminp process all” 3 to 4 times
Load the following command on the console;
 Tell router q
 Tell smtp q
 Dbcache flush
If running Domino as a service, change the startup type to manual.
Uncheck the receive design element of Domino Directory, go to names.nsf – right click and open the properties—click on Replication Settings and then Advanced, just uncheck Design Element under Receive these elements from other replicas
Stop the Domino server.
Stop Symantec and net backup services
Take the backup of ini file and id files (notes.ini, names.nsf, server.id and cert.id)
Cut and paste loadmon.nsf to somewhere. This database will create automatically after upgrade the server
Upgraded Symantec AV from version 4.5 to version 7.5 on both servers (if required).

Lotus Domino v8 Installation
Run Domino 8.0.2 setup on the server

Road Map (Post-installation Steps)
Change the startup type to Automatic.
Run all the services including Symantec and backup
Run the following command if lotus domino is not appearing as a service
ntsvinst -c -t”Lotus Domino Server (lotusdominodata)” -ic:\notes\alice\data\notes.ini
Add the parameter (Create_R8_Databases=1) in notes.ini
Open the command prompt and run the following commands,

 Ndesign –f names.nsf ————– (to update the design of Domino Directory)
 Nupdall –R names.nsf ————– (to update the views of Domino Directory)
 Nupdall names.nsf –t ($Users) –R (to update the users views)
 Nupdall names.nsf –t ($ServerAccess) –R (to update server views)
 Ncompact –c names.nsf ———– (to convert the ODS Version)
 Ncompact –c admin4.nsf ———- (to convert the ODS Version)
 Ncompact –c event4.nsf ———– (to convert the ODS Version)
 Ncompact –c log.nsf —————- (to convert the ODS Version)
 Ncompact –c ddm.nsf ————– (to convert the ODS Version)

Edit the notes.ini parameter from Server_Restricted=2 to Server_Restricted=0
Start Domino Server
Update the view and indexes using updall console command (load updall -R)
Check the ODS Version of Admin4.nsf, Names.nsf, Log.nsf, Events4.nsf and DDM.nsf if these are converted from 43 to 48.
Check the Server Document if the Domino version is change from old to new.
Replicate names.nsf and Admin.nsf from the administration server to the upgraded server (in BSF environment it will be from CENNOT01 to the upgraded server)
In the night at the time to leave the office just run the compact command (load compact -c) on all the databases to convert the ODS Version.

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  • Hawaiian36
    thanks for the info...I have a lot more to learn on this topic it's a lot more than what I know now.....I am using a test server which I have set up already with domino 8.5 and some fictitious users and it's setup and running in a totally seperate environment from what we are using now which is domino 6.5....in domino 6.5 I made a few fictitious users also and wanted to move those users over to domino 8.5 just so I have practice in doing this and not to interrupt domino 6.5.....my train of thought for now is setting up domino 8.5 first server make a few users then move a few users over from 6.5 to 8.5 after getting that working and understanding how that works then move on to setting up a second test server and proceed with more tests....I am stomped right now in how to move the fictitious users over from 6.5 to 8.5 I am using a test server so I'm not concerned if things get messed up for now cause I have deleted and restarted all over several times already.....any help would be appreciated..
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  • Abushahd
    All what you have to do in this case is : Install the LN8.5 Server application on the testing server first setup the server and get the Environment ready and configure . Then Finally,,, the most important part here is You have to have a down time of the production server ( the one with LN6.5) " you can make it in the weekends for instance and copy the mailboxes using a removable Hard Disk to the testing server . Then apply the procedure I mentioned previously I think this is the best practice for such an activity .
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  • Gabe9527
    The best and easiest way to move a user from one server to the other is this. 1: In the Domino administrator right click the person document and choose "Move to Another Server" This will start the adminp process that will correct all the fields etc and even the users location documents to point to the new server. 2: Once the User is on the new Server. (make sure the Admin user has a 8.5.x client) upgrade the client to 8.5.x then update the mail file template)
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