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AS/400 migration
What are the basic steps that needs to be taken care while upgradation and migration in AS/400. Note: In Coming days we are going to upgrade i5/OS V5R3 TO V6R1. Please tell me the pre-requests and co-requests at the time upgration. and what are the basic criteria that we need to follow?

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I’ve used this from IBM when upgrading from v5r2 and v5r3 to v5r4:


No one can tell you what you need to know or need to do because no one else knows your environment. We don’t know your hardware nor your history of software maintenance nor what products you have installed (including which products are important for your business.)

In general, you need to plan first for a V5R3 to V5R4 upgrade. You should review important documents such as the V5R4 Memo to Users in order to learn about (and plan and prepare for) changes that were brought by V5R4.

Then you need to do the same for V6R1. If you only review V6R1, you won’t know about how V5R4 may have changed products that you use.

The above link should get you to everything you need eventually. It might require a lot of study though. There are more focused links you can use as guides while using the above link for digging into details as needed.

This planning link gets you to a lot of places. One is this Software Prerequisite page. You can also choose the Migration and upgrades link under the Planning tab.

You’ll find links there to both V6R1 and V5R4 Memos to Users as well as lots of others. The two Memos to Users may be your best sources for a starting point.


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  • qmaster
    No one can tell you what you need to know or need to do because no one else knows your environment. Tom! I agree with you. iam asking ingeneral if we are under service licence. Will IBM do the upgrade for us? and What are the major difference b/w upgration and migration? Thanks in Advance
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  • TomLiotta
    Will IBM do the upgrade for us? The only times I have expected IBM actually to perform an upgrade was back before Version 2 of OS/400 (before we really knew we should refer to "versions") and when an upgrade also involved migration to brand new hardware and IBM was interested in seeing it succeed. What are the major difference b/w upgration and migration? First, a migration usually implies a new system. The new system may have the new operating system and other products already installed and you are more concerned with restoring your users and applications on the new system. A straight 'upgrade' of the OS and products is usually little more than loading the CDs (or DVDs or tapes, etc.) and letting the system do the work. The differences often include needing to load and apply a few particular PTFs before starting an upgrade. There is rarely any reason for additional PTFs on a migration system -- that ought to be a fundamental part of setting the new system up in the first place. Either way, there should be backups made of the system that can be stored in a safe location. That implies two backups because you'll want to keep one on-hand as well. Bacjup differences are generally limited to expecting to use them to restore on a migration system, but expecting not to use them after an upgrade. Also, before expecting everything to work under a new operating system release (or version), any changes to programming that might be needed should be completed and tested before scheduling the upgrade (or migration.) Those changes really should rarely be necessary at that time because there is usually advance notice from IBM that a future release will have a different behavior. And such changes would normally be fairly well focused in particular areas. One recent significant example is how V5R3 and V5R4 handled the CPYTOIMPF and CPYFRMIMPF commands. A number of sites found problems with those after upgrading to V5R4. But other sites that had begun using proper techniques back when upgrading to V5R1had few if any problems. The Memo to Users documents for each release provides most notices of changes that will happen after an upgrade. Early review of those documents gives the opportunity to check applications, plan any changes and schedule accordingly. The actual upgrade, once any needed changes are in place and backups are done, should be uneventful, easy and straightforward -- if the person doing it has been through it before. If it is not familiar, it is probably worthwhile to bring someone in who's done it before -- just in case. It doesn't need to be a high-priced consultant. It might just be someone local who was recommended at a nearby user group meeting. Perhaps someone on the operations staff of a nearby company who is willing to make a few extra bucks on a Friday night or Saturday afternoon, someone who's at least seen it done and who's comfortable talking with IBM Support if needed. Tom
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