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Oracle 9i
I am preparing an Oracle upgrade from to on a Windows 2000 environment. The server has 3 instances on it, and the possibility of upgrading them one at a time is a real one. My question is, is it OK to just run the upgrade assistant against each database one at a time, and let it worry about things like ORACLE_HOME, or is it more complicated than that?

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Hate to pass out the RTFM message, but a good read of the upgrade manual will answer all of those questions. But generally speaking what your suggesting is absolutely doable and a good idea. The upgrade process for one database can take a significant amount of time, on the order of an hour or more per database instance. DBUA will update all of the appriopriate environment variables which makes it easy (BTDT and enjoyed it). One MAJOR warning. Be absolutely certain that there are ZERO invalid Java objects in a database before using the upgrade assistant. All it takes is one and your tubed. If you can’t recompile and validate that object your stuck with doing a manual upgrade or recreating the database. I’ve done one manual upgrade, you don’t want to.

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  • Ksaini
    Earlier this year, I had the same problem. If you read migration guide, it suggests that using dbua is an easy way to upgrade. So, I created a sample db of 8.1.7 and tried upgrading it. It worked fine. However, when I tried with our actual test database it failed with error. In my opinion, you should first install Oracle 9.2 with starter database and study it. Then create an empty database of 9.2 and import schema n data using 8.1.7 export dump. This is the best and clean way to upgrade and reorganize your database. You can do the same with other instances. Let me know if you have any upgrade related questions. Kamal Saini
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  • Joness59
    I agree with Kamal. One question you need to answer before doing the upgrade is what impact will it have on the application or user interface that makes use of the database? Is it a third party app like PeopleSoft or is it an Oracle app or is it internally developed? If it is third party or internally developed you need to make sure that it supports DBUA may be an easier upgrade path, but once you've upgraded the db there is no going back. To allow for testing of your environment using, the safe bet is to create a 9i db and import your schema from your 8i db. This will allow user acceptance testing to take place without destroying your current db. Stephen Jones
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