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Hi, We have 9406-520 machine with V5R4M0 OS. We are planning to update with V6R1 os by this month end. I want to know, is there any CUM PTF required for updating OS or I can Update directly.Please suggest. Thanks, GK

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V5R4M0, 9406-520.

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<i>Any upgrade would require you to bring the system upto the latest CUM from the IBM Fix central, for v6r1 other PTF’s for ANZOBJCN is required as well. check the site


The latest cume package <b>is not</b> required. It is, however, strongly recommended prior to any upgrade.

Nor are PTFs for ANZOBJCVN required.

The ANZOBJCVN command is very useful for locating programs that must be recompiled before they will run on i 6.1, but you might not need those programs. They might be old, obsolete or otherwise no longer needed.

If all programs were compiled on V5R1 or later or if they were compiled before V5R1 with full observability, then ANZOBJCVN isn’t needed at all. Of course, it is strongly recommended to check your program objects as early as possible in order to save time.

If you wish, you can put off compiling them until after the i 6.1 upgrade. It might even be faster to do so, as long as you don’t need to execute the programs soon after the upgrade.

If you don’t locate one or more programs that will not convert automatically, the system will send an appropriate error message when you do try to execute those programs.


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  • WoodEngineer
    Our IBM business partner has a systems expert on staff who has handled our upgrades for years. He always installs the latest cum PTFs right after installing a new version of the OS.
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  • TomLiotta
    Some parts of starting any upgrade are done by code that exists in the currently installed version of the OS and LIC. If those parts need PTFs in order to start the upgrade properly, you might have a failed upgrade. A recent cume PTF group should be applied before upgrading. This would often be done weeks before the upgrade. (Actually, you should already have a recent V5R4 cume package applied, so applying a newer one might not be necessary.) In addition, immediately after the upgrade, a recent cume package of the new version/release should be applied. ...is there any CUM PTF required... But "required" is impossible to answer since we don't know what you have on your system. As is always the case, look at the Upgrade instructions for i 6.1 to determine what you need to do. Start with the Planning to upgrade to IBM i 6.1 page. And also go through the Preparing the system for i5/OS software upgrade or replacement topics in the i 6.1 Information Center. If anything in those is "required" for your system, then you'll need to do it. Tom
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  • WoodEngineer
    Whatever you do, be sure to run the ANZOBJCN well before your 6.1 install. We discovered several programs which would not convert for which we had no source. In that case it was necessary to obtain the source or switch to alternative programs prior to conversion.
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