Upgrade from MS SQL Server 6.5 to SQL 2000 Fails

Backup and Recovery
SQL Server
Standard Edition 2000
Version 7 and earlier
The upgrade process using Microsoft "SQL Sever Upgrade Wizard" fails at the "Import and Export via Named Pipe" part. With the following Error: Starting MSSQLServer............................... Waiting for recovery. Sysmessages # 4002 [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Dirver][SQL Server] Login failed I am using a Network connection between a Windows 2000 Server PC running SQL Server 2000 and a Windows NT PC running SQL Server v6.5. There is an Error logged on the v6.5 PC indicating that the sa login failed! EventID 17055 Mesg 1845 from MSSQLServer. However, to get through all the earlier steps (e.g. copying across the Tables Design), it must have been able to login to the v6.5 PC via sa???? Note my 2 PCs are in different Domains, but with Trusts between them and I am logging onto both as Administrator and have set Security Permissions, for anything I think might be relevant on the v6.5 PC for the v2000 PCs Domain Administrator (and Domain Admins). MS Article 302850 does not help. Can anyone help with any ideas or suggestions? - This is holding me up!

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Does each of the servers have the other set up within the Client Configuration utility? If not, create a namped pipes alias for server1 on server2, and vice versa. This may not be the cause of your problem, but I’ve seen similar issues and this is a good starting point.

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  • Howard2nd
    Previous answer should help - SQL2k does NOT enable 'Named Pipes' by default, instead TCP/IP is the preferred transport. In the deprecation of NetBUI / NetBIOS (i.e. WINS, local 'Computer Browser') moving away from 'Names' is a good thing. But requires and understanding of DNS and active directory. All my ODBC setups use IP addresses versus 'names' to avoid the lookup delay.
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  • Pedwards17
    This is true, but SQL2K still wants to talk to itself over named pipes. This comes into play when you're doing an upgrade (as is the case here) or installing a SQL service pack. Disabling named pipes in these situations will likely cause problems. It may make sense to enable named pipes for the duration of the maintenance, and then disable it after.
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  • HenryKafeman
    Thanks for your suggestions. None helped, BUT I have now found MS KB Article 818550 which says this is a bug! Note I get "Export Exit Code: 259" Error on SQL 2000 PC a few seconds before the sa Login failure on the SQL v6.5 PC! Also note, that when I did a Web search for "Export Exit Code: 259" I only found the Japanese version of KB Article 818550! Anyway, I think I have found my own workaround! Having got to the ppoint of failure, I tried the standard DTS Import and Export Data on the SQL 2000 PC. This works fine with default settings and selecting All Tables - I now have my Data in SQL 2000! Thanks
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