upgrade from 8i to 9i or 10g

This question might be a bit early for some, but at the end of the year 8i on windows goes off support. We will be looking at upgrading soon after. I would also expect that 10.2 might be on the horizon at that point. One would hope that would be a stable release. I would be interested to hear if there are others of you who will also be at that point, and if you have given any thought to skipping over 9i and go to 10g. And if 10.1 is still the only available release would you go? Thanks, Laura

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Why wait? is stable and offers better performance
over 8.1.7.x, so why wait? Why not upgrade to 9.2 quickly and then plan for 10G giving it time to mature a bit.

We support applications running 7.3.2,, and I’m pushing everything to just as fast as I can.

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  • Laura55
    Currently we are stable on 8.1.7 and have no reason to upgrade other than to be on a supported release. Granted performance is supposed to be better, but we don't have issues at this point. We are a relatively small shop. Our philosophy is to upgrade to a new version roughly once every few years, keeping patchset levels current on that version. For us it is alot of work to test and validate the features and functionality of our applications with a new version. So it doesn't make sense to us to do any more frequently. Of course the dilemna will always be which version to go to. I also hope that Oracle is doing a better job than they did with the earlier 8i releases, where we found issues with some pretty basic stuff. That is why I am asking you all. Do you feel that Oracle is putting out better initial versions of software? Was the earlier releases of 9i better than the earlier ones of 8i? Is 10g looking even better in its initial release? All input welcome! Laura
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  • Mjevans
    I attended a seminar recently in which the statement was made that 9i may end up being the least used release in Oracle history, since many users will want to go directly from 8i to 10g. That being said, I think there are a couple of reasons NOT to do that: 1) I would not consider it until there is a 10g Release 2. You never want to experience the pain of jumping on the first edition of a major release; let them get the worst bugs out first. 2) If you already have experience with OPS (Oracle Parallel Server) the transition to 10g would be very easy; for others, there will be a definite learning curve which could work its way all the way back to your data/system architecture. If you are not positioned to take advantage of the "grid computing model" or at least have databases which today would run better with OPS, then you will not receive much of a benefit for your trouble. In this case, I would go with 9i Rel 2 and give some serious thought to your enterprise architecture before moving to 10g. 3) If your applications that are supported by Oracle currently are using Rule Based optimization, be aware that 10g no longer has a Rule Based optimizer, and this could cause some major performance issues while you re-code those applications. Also, be aware that when support ends on a release, it doesn't mean you can no longer get your questions answered; it just means they are not going to fix any more bugs. In reality though, the answers are generally "Upgrade and let us know if you still have the problem." :-) Regards, Myrna
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