Update without prior read or chain error

I am getting RNX1221:Update or delete in file without prior input operation on the update of file SRCDTAL in the following code. I don't see what the issue is. Any help would be appreciated. FSRCDTAL UF A E K DISK RENAME(QWHFDML:SRCDTAR) F Prefix('S') D HistData ds qualified D In likerec(SRCDTAR:*input) D Out likerec(SRCDTAR:*output) D overlay(In) Chain (ds2.MLLIB:ds2.MLFILE:ds2.MLNAME) SRCDTAL HistData.In; . . . If %Found(SRCDTAL); HistData.Out = ds2; update SRCDTAR HistData.Out; Else; HistData.Out = ds2; Write SRCDTAR HistData.Out; ENDIF;

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Do you have any other file operations on SRCDTAL between the Chain and the If %Found statements because the code you have supplied looks OK.

Another idea :
Have you check that you do not modify the key fields between the chain and the update ?

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  • wai8tiu
    wat the tupai?
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  • Subhendu Sen
    @wai8tiu, from what reference you are talking about? What software/hardware are you using now? What devices are there?
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  • ToddN2000
    You can always try running your code through DEBUG. Trace it line by line to find your error.
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  • aceofdelts

    This error is always because the key fields being written do not match the key that was most recently read.

    Could be the program field value changed (look for use of the physical file via a different logical with same field names)

    Could be the data record got deleted since the Read

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  • GregManzo
    Changing key field values is perfectly valid (at least from DB point of view - might not make sense in your application). You can even do it in DFU. We have DB triggers that specifically check for changing key values and give an error ('cos it doesn't make sense in most of our apps, but some allow it).
    And if you have read a record for update, you have it locked - nobody _can_ delete it.

    Update or delete without prior read can be caused by:
    a) trying to update before reading the record,
    b) trying to update when the read failed (chain - not found or read - eof),
    c) trying to update twice for one read (yeah, logic error),
    d) trying to update after unlocking the record,
    e) issuing a commit or rollback between the read & update (only applies if using commit control).
    This last one is the one that bites me most often.
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