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Hi, can you please provide your personal advice and perspective, I presently possess a Master’s degree in Management Information Systems from a reputable institution. I have worked for a fortune 500 health insurance provider for the past 12 years in various semi-technical roles e.g. Desktop Support Technician (began my information systems career), Applications Production Specialist (keep apps running 24/7), Business Analyst (Requirements gathering), and Business Consultant (Business Process ManagementMapping). Being a part of the Health Care field has provided a rich and knowledgeable background in the intricacies of heath networks, claims, and generally the way information flows within this particular industry. My position with the company after 12 years was eliminated due to the 2008-2009 economy. I am trying to figure out my next career steps. I am considering returning to school to obtain a Masters degree in Information Security or Homeland Security. The reason behind this is some semi-soft technical jobs are easily (outsourced) or cut from the corporate budget, however a job in Information Security, I believe has a little more surety to it, since it is more of a specialty. I have very little knowledge or specialty in the Information Security field, I know what it is and what it represents to any industry; however I have some career fear and confusion regarding returning to school to tackle another 36 credits. I have listed my fears below and seek your advice: 1. I am reluctant because I am not a computer science type individual, I don’t believe I possess the attributable math and science skills required for a computer science major and I believe these skills are usually associated with a career in Information Security. I do not know computer languages either. 2. My skills excel in organization, communication, implementation, facilitation. • Do I need an additional 36 credits in Information Security or can I utilize my current Masters in Information management Systems and obtain certificate’s e.g. CPP, CISSP etc. • There are so many different certifications; I don’t want to be the CSO, nor can I compete with Computer Science wizards, I see myself in more of a support role requiring good communication skills, project skills and corporate culture knowledge. • What do you suggest I do regarding education and schools or should I just go with the certifications path? 3. I am 52 years old and would like to direct my career path that will provide gainful employment for the next 13 to 15 years, I thought since I already possess a Masters degree in Information Systems another Masters in Information Security would be a natural progression. • I would like to get an entry level job in Information Security, however with this difficult economy and me being overqualified for entry level, I not sure how I can secure a job now in this field lacking the Security Information skills required. • I would eventually like to get a job in security in some capacity in the public sector for a local or federal municipality. 4. I am concerned about the influx of foreign workers (outsourcing) taking jobs from American nationals, especially in Information TechnologyInformation Security. • Is this currently happening and will it continue? 5. I am presently having my resume revamped, I would like to tailor it towards a career in Information Security, however I do not possess those particular skills sets to include in a revamping, any suggestions? 6. What is the outlook for Information Security jobs from 2009 through 2025? Will companies or our government hire foreign workers in Information Security jobs or does US citizenship improve securing an Information Security position. 7. What are the current and future Information Security (hot jobs) e.g. Information Forensics, Information Security Assurance? etc. 8. I have heard talk that job skills that will be in demand in the future will be communication and coordination skills, due to potential communication issues with foreign workers. I appreciate your insight. I would really like to get back to work soon; hopefully these trying times will improve for all. Thank you, I look forward to hearing back from you. Daniel

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Hi Daniel,

First of all, sad that you’re thru that situation and my best wishes to get out of it soon.

I guess that with your mix of skills and experience, an IT Audit role (possibly focused on Security?) might be a possible one for you to fill. My only concern is double-sided, according usual market’s perception of age/career: lack of experience (for aiming to a senior position) VS age (high for an antry role).

Check http://www.isaca.org/ for insights about this career path. ISACA is a professional association of IT Auditors/Security/Governance professionals.

Good luck!

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