Unattended Weekly backups

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AS/400 backup
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Can you run automatic unattended Weekly backups and Ipl on the ISeries?

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that’s a pretty general question and more detail is needed …
it’s a while since i’ve done this but i believe a full system save must be performed
manually as you have to set the machine to restricted status …

however … you can schedule a tape save of all user libraries provided the tape is
mounted and the device is ready … use the ibm job scheduler …
it’s a good idea to end subsystems QINTER and QBATCH and then restart them …
this makes sure no jobs have been left running which may interfere with the save …

even better … if you have the disk space you can minimize downtime by saving to
disk using a savefile … then you can back up the savefile to external media at your
leisure while the system is back in use …

you can also schedule an IPL … write your own CL using the PWRDWNSYS command
with RESTART *YES and run it from the IBM Scheduler …


If you currently have no programs setup to perform these task, use IBM’s POWER and BACKUP menus.

Type GO POWER and select option 1 to display the power on and off schedule, option 2 to change or enter values to the power on and off schedule.

Type GO BACKUP, enter option 10 to set up backup, option 2 to change weekly backup options.

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  • Barbjdiehl
    No I am not talking about a full system save, option 21. But a WEEKLY backup thru BRMS where it brings all subsystems down except qctl, backs up and then after the backup is done the system ipls and come back up with all subsystems up also. I have worked in 4 shops and the only part that was ever automated was the CL to IPL, operator had to be onsite to run the backup, we would logon to the 400, do a GO BRMS, then option 2, another option2 and then WEEKLY1 for the backup and parm submit to batch 'NO'.
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  • Whatis23
    I've never setup a BRMS scheduled job but have seen it run from the WRKJOBSCDE entry screen. A Daily and Weekly backup (both were *ALLUSR).
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  • TomLiotta
    Unattended backups and unattended IPLs have been possible from the beginning of AS/400s more than 20 years ago. I suspect that you have particular concerns that you didn't fully describe. What exactly do you want to know? Tom
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