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Hi I'm using SUSE Linux 10.0. Beore this it was working fine. But now i donno what is the problem i'm unable to login with GUI. When i switched on my PC its showing three options 1.SUSE Linux 2.Floppy 3.SUSE Linux(Failsafe) When i'm trying to go on 1 option, its showing next screen and directly going to the command mode.. on Command Mode i'm getting Root Password for Login Message.. When i entered the password it prompting like (none)~ # I'm new to Linux. So Please help me to get the GUI Login Screen ..

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What has happened is not clear, bu the actions of your system indicate the there might be something wrong with you network settings.

When you boot, at the boot prompt, type a 5, and see what happens. If you get the same as now, then close the computer down, and re-try to start it, this time tying a 3 at the boot prompt.

5 tries to go into full graphics mode. If that fails, the attempt to boot with 3 measn “go into full multi-user and network mode”.

If that also fails, you need to start looking into the messages your computer gives you when it is failing.

After the “failed” start-up, as you have described, after having given the root password, at the prompt type:

dmesg | less

This will look at the booting messages, using the ‘less’ pager program, to give you juat one screen at a time.
Look through the messages, trying to look for “Error” or “Warning”. You page through the messages by hitting the space bar, once per page. You can also go back in the list, by hitting “b” (for back!).
When you are finished, you leasve less by hitting q (for quit).

Hopefully you can find out what is going wrong with your booting. Read what the compute says, and use your imagination.
If this fails, you could consider updating your installation; SuSe is in the meantime up to version 12.2, while you are using 10.0. The newer versions are more capable of finding and telling you about differetn hardware issues.

Good Luck!

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  • Subhendu Sen
    In none# prompt u follow the following commands assuming it is ext3:
    fdisk -l
    it shows partition names with other details, just note down the /dev/sdaX one by one (X is the no like sda1, sda2, sda3, sda4 ans so on depends how many partitions there, it may be hda, but most of case it is sda). Now again pass the command like:
    fsck -y /dev/sda1
    and let it do whatever it runs. some pass, pass words shown that means its working fine. Now run the same command for the rest of the partitions like fsck -y /dev/sda2, sda3, sda4.....
    Remember not necessary to run on swap partition.
    Now mount /(root) as read/write mode:
    mount -n -o remount,rw /
    provide space properly for the above command.

    now type again
    init 6

    Hope it helps u

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