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I was running Notes 5 on an iSeries and need to restart it to restore some files. Can I just delete the log.nsf on the AS/400 or rename it? How do I get past this error? The reason I need to restart it is because I'm trying to copy mail files off the AS/400 that are more than 2gb. It tells me I don't have authority to move or copy. So, I thought I'd do a new replica. If anyone knows away around the 2gb problem, I don't have to get Notes running again.

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It take it you are trying to copy the file from the operating system…..? If so how are you accessing the server?Are you able to check by connecting as QSECOFR to see if the restirction is just your account access?

Or are you doing a Domino COPY….. file >database > new copy etc

If this is the case then I would guess your are not a full administrator to the Domino environment. As you do not have access to the database. 2Gb issue???? If this is the size restriction in Domino well there is a compact switch that will allow a database to increase to 4Gb (I seem to think that was a version 4 restriction not 5 (but that was a long time ago).

Now the size of the log.nsf… You should not be keeping all the log information for ever as this causes no end of issue. You should only keep about 7 to 14 days depending on your needs.This is done using the replication settings to delete anything after a number of days…. This might help you with maintaining the log.nsf from getting to big.

How to stop Domino on an iSeries

1: Via the Domino Console
2: Stopping the Subsystem etc.
3: via the WRK Domserv lists.

I hope this helps.

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  • Kathryn
    I'm using iSeries Navigator to move files off the AS/400 onto a Windows computer because I can't get Domino to run on the AS/400 to do a file replica or new copy. I have no trouble copying mail.nsf files that are less than 2GB. The AS/400 wasn't turned on for several months, but now I have to access some old files. The log.nsf seems to be corrupted (unable to open log.nsf and the restart ends), but I'm scared to just delete it. If I do delete it, will a new one be automatically created? I know it would on the client side, but I don't know what would happen on the server side. Is there some other way to repair the log.nsf so I can get Domino running again? I do have QSECOFR access, so that's not the issue. I hope that explains the situation a little better. Thanks for your help.
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