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I have mixed operating system in my local area network.I am unable to access windows 95 sharing from windows xp.When i restart the system or when i log of windows xp i can able to access the shared directories of win 95,and it is for a while only(one minute).After that iam getting a error message "You might have permisssion to access the network resources.please contact your administrator.Access is denied".I disabled the firewall settings,enabled netbios over tcp/ip.Nothing happened.I can able to access windows xp files from win 95,but not vice versa.please help.Able to ping both systems. Please Help.

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Authentication – XP and 2000 use better methods of identifying computers and users for the purpose of security. 95 uses the older, less secure methods. Recent patches to XP have closed the ‘loophole’ of those older methods to protect the system. You will need to go to group policy and allow the older methods.
The reason it works at first is the difference between login and file exchange. The ticket swap for login is less secure and when it times out the better ticket won’t connect. Since 95 (and 98/ME) are now deprecated [out of support] it is highly recommended that you update machines that are exposed to the internet, even through proxies or firewalls. Be safe and good luck.

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  • Poppaman
    To expand upon what Howard2nd said: Win9x uses an authentication method called "LANMAN Hash" to authenticate to the network, while Win2K and XP use either NTLM or NTLM2 (I believe by default, but don't quote me on that...). The LANMAN hash is easily cracked (minutes, on a standard PC). If you are at ALL concerned about security, I agree that thew Win9x computers be either scrapped, replaced or upgraded....
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  • FrankDC
    Howard- thanks for the explanation, that's exactly what is going on in my mixed network as well. I have a Win2K server as well as WinXP Pro clients; which group policies could I enable to allow the XP's to continue to access the win98's I will still have to run for a while? Thanks for your note, it was invaluable. -Frank DC
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  • TexasBoy
    You've gotten some great information in your replies to this question; however, I would like to offer additional information for your consideration. Windows 9x (95a, 95b, 98, 98SE, ME) will create network issues on your domain. Win 9x boxes always want to be the Master Browser and will 'fight to the death' to get that role! It will force an election for Master Browser whenever it has the chance. On the other hand, your AD structure wants the domain controllers to have this role. The problem becomes this never ending cycle of Browser elections which causes undue network traffic and network resources that are intermittent. If you decide to keep your Win95 in place, make sure that you disable its Master Browser ability. You can find information about how to do this by reading the information Microsoft has provided at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/q134304/ You don't state a reason for the Win95 to stay on your network (such as legacy software that can't be run on new XPs), so I would highly recommend that you get rid of it and put the Win95 shares on a network node elsewhere. You can use 'hacks' and 'work arounds' but remember that Windows 9x was never designed to be on a legitimate network.
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  • Sketch8014
    It appears as though you may not have configured the share permissions on the Win 95 correctly. The error message "Access denied" suggest that you see the share however you do not have permission to view the files. Kinda like knocking on the door to a private party. You know the party is active,but you do not have a card to swipe and the proprieter left no message at the door to let you in once you identify yourself. So back to Win 95 question...Open control panel, go to passwords and enter a user account that exists on both XP and Win 95. See if that helps.
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