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i'm 1st time taking up the task in CISC to RISC migration, with the following scenarios :- 1. i've tested Upgrade Assistant in a V3R2 model 300 machine at my workplace, and it's running fine, with spool file of the Upgrade Assistant generated. 2. However, my team mate at remote site was unable to run Upgrade Assistant at his machine of same type with same OS level, according to him is due to his machine doesn't have the required PTF for running Upgrade Assistant, thus he was asking me to 'back up' a copy of those V3R2 PTF which are used for Upgrade Assistant .... And we know that the V3R2 PTF are no longer available. My concerns are :- 3. When the Upgrade Assistant is unable to run at a V3R2 machine, is it really cause by the absense of some required PTF, or is it caused by other reasons ? Because i wonder if just by having a backup copy of the required PTF would really solve the problem my team mate came across. 4. The CISC to RISC migration my team mate is going to perform : V3R2 at model 300 --> V6R1 at latest model ( actual model still undecided ). So in a migration of such a big gap, what kind of every considerations & posibilities we need to take into account ? 5. i just came across the required PTF group for Upgrade Assistant to run properly :- - CISC to RISC Upgrade Kit Licensed Program Offering (5798-TBU) - SF31609 or SF40861(updated), for language code 2924 (English UPPER/Lower Case) i was thinking of copying the PTF Group to a tape with this command :- CPYPTFGRP PTFGRP(SF99200) FROMDEV(*SERVICE) TODEV(TAP01) TOSEQNBR(1) RELPTFGRP(*YES) CPYPTF(*YES) at the V3R2 model 300 machine at my workplace. But there are only 8 options to choose, with no option of 'Copy a PTF Group' available. Is there anything i could do to restore this 'Copy a PTF Group' option to the V3R2 machine ? Is this option related to any system library, and if yes then where could i obtain the required library files to restore this option ? btw, the V3R2 installation cd are not available, as this machine was a trade-off from customers long time ago. Any ideas appreciated. Thx..

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i think you’re trying to eat an elephant here. one bite at a time (and you still may never get there)

My CISC to RISC up grade was years ago but, what i remember is:
on the CISC side – V3R2 had to be current on all PTFs, we had to go to an intermidiate release
which was 37 – (part of the CISC to RISC move)

(my IT dept told me to do the 32 to 34 upgrade inhouse – don’t call IBM because it’s a no-brainer… i immediately called IBM and after looking at our system the IBM engineer said
“most people call us right after they crash their box, you guys called us just before. Had you tried upgrading without IBM help you would have probably lost your box”)

(to get us current enough for the up grade they had to use their “Gold Tapes”, they have all prior versions on ‘Gold Tapes”, (even if they won’t admit it) it’s just hard to get them to use them.)
(and i believe CISC boxes used 8mm tapes, i never got PTFs on CDs for that box)

Then (without IBMs help) we migrated from R3V7 on CISC to RISC 42 (or) 43 (don’t remember which)
Then we HAD to go to V4R5 (because 44 wouldn’t migrate to 51) and we’re now on
52 on a 720 (and the highest version you can do on a 720 box is 53)

i don’t think you can jump more than two versions on IBM and you have to watch the version release notes for what changes are important on versions you jumped.

I seriously doubt that you can take 32 to 61, especially from an old box.
i would think that you would have to get IBM involved and then they may tell you to just worry about your legacy software and screw the rest.

i wish you luck on this.

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