Unable to restore file from a Save file as the job which was saving the file onto the save file was accidently killed mid way through the backup.

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AS 400
cl 400
I'm unable to restore a file from the save file as it was not completely saved as mentioned. Is it possible to restore part of the file from the Save file? The actual file was later deleted before a restore could be fired from the save file which got created. (Though the save file was incomplete as the saving of file operation was killed mid way).

Software/Hardware used:
cl400, as400,rstobj, crtsavf

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I don’t believe there is a way to restore a partially save object. You might find a 3rd party tool but I wouldn’t get my hopes up. I don’t think it matter as to how the backup  was being done with a SAVOBJ or SAVLIB. A partial object most likely will not be able to be recovered. 

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  • Splat
    If the file was only partially saved during the save process it's unlikely the iSeries will allow a restore of what is, effectively, a damaged object. You can find out though by trying to restore it to a temporary library.
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  • Gayathri123
    @Johnson : Why did you delete the original file when the save was killed in midway?
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  • JohnsonMumbai
    It did not work ie restoring to temporary library. It would be helpful even if part of the file could get restored.
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  • Gayathri123
    @johnson: Did you display the save file contents and verify if the file you want to restore is present in the save file?
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  • WoodEngineer
    IBM does a lot of error checking during a save process. If the save did not complete successfully the operating system will mark the save file as damaged.
    Once that happens there is not much you can do.
    However, it is worth a query to tech support at IBM Rochester just to be sure.
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  • GregManzo
    If you were saving more than one object, then there is no guarantee that the file you want is even _in_ the save file. And in any event, if the save didn't complete normally, the system will have marked the save file as damaged and wont trust it to restore from. Short answer: You're screwed. The only thing left is to ask if the people that (a) killed the save, and (b) deleted the original file are still employed? If so, they have a lot of data entry to do.
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