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InStr function
I need to get cities' name from a format like this: Los Angeles, CA New Orleans, LA etc.. I've tried: substr(a.air_location, -4) but that gives me the opposite...", LA" Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Try this:


You may also want to try this…. establish length of string, read back by character until char=,. Subtract number of char read from original length. City name = orig len-char read.

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  • Kccrosser
    While that will work, personally I don't like to hard-code substrings that may depend on how text was entered. If there are extra spaces or if the state/region name is more or less than 2 characters, this will result in corrupted results. I would code this like: decode(instr(a.air_location, ','), 0, a.air_location, rtrim(substr(a.air_location, 1, instr(a.air_location, ',')-1) This expression evaluates as: If there is no comma in the a.air_location string, return the full string, else return everything to the left of the comma, with any trailing spaces stripped. This will produce the following results: Los Angeles, CA -> "Los Angeles" Los Angeles , CA -> "Los Angeles" (simple expression would return "Los Angeles " (space at end) Los Angeles, CAL -> "Los Angeles" (simple expression would return "Los Angeles," (comma included) Los Angeles CA -> "Los Angeles CA" (simple expression would return "Los Angele" Note that when using "decode" with an expression that returns a variable number, the easy way is look for the "fail" condition. In this case, look for a zero return, indicating that the "instr" function didn't find a comma in the source text.
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  • carlosdl
    You are absolutely right. It is not recommended to hard-code positions if there is at least a remote chance that the information is not standarized. Good point. P.S. The problem when splitting un-standarized strings is that you have no way to guarantee that the results will alwaysbe correct, for example, getting "Los Angeles CA" when you would want to get "Los Angeles".
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