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When I type on microsoft outlook email the email window blinks and I cannot type for a few seconds.  Any idea what causes this and how to fix it.

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Windows xp

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You may need more ram or memory for your computer. What version of outlook are you using?

Outlook and Office requires a lot of RAM. If your computer has 1GB or less, definitely increase the memory for this system.

Ofcourse, we may require to improve the RAM size. But at the same time we need remove Most of the Junk Mails and Unwanted mails from the inbox. Better to improve its performance, do set Rules and Alerts for your Inbox.

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  • carlosdl
    More details are needed. When does this happen ? always ? when you have just opened outlook ? What other programs are running on this computer ? Is this something that started recently ? What amount of RAM does this machine have ?
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  • Lord Voldemort
    Look at your Task Manager or see if your hard drive light is flashing rapidly. Typically this is a sign that your computer is busy doing something else. It could be a virus scan, hard drive defragmentation, large file copies, software inventory requests, or as mentioned in other resposes: the need for more ram because your hard drive is using swap space.
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  • Wife
    It seems to happen when the send/ receive runs. I think it started after we bought our new modem. This is an older computer probably bought in 2001. Not sure how much ram it has. How do I find out? As you can tell I am a novice computer user. When things go wrong I usually ask my kids to fix it!
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  • Lord Voldemort
    If it's happening when you are doing a send/receive, it could be your anti-virus software scanning the emails as they come in. As far as detemining the amount of memory, I'm hoping that your computer is new enough to be running Windows 2000 or newer. If so, you can right-click on the My Computer icon on the desktop and then click on Properties. Under the General tab it will tell you how much memory you have in the computer. How much you need depends on what type computer you have, the operating system it's using, and the applications that you are running. You may want to find someone with computer experience that you trust to look at your computer and see where the bottleneck is.
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