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Trying to setup a network, with my friends because we are going to be renting a house together, they will be sharing an internet connection, but I torrent alot so I figured I should pay or my own.  Wanted to maintain a lan b/c I made a system that allows them to add torrents they want me to download to an rssfeed my computer monitors, that way their main internet line wouldnt be used. They could then download the files from my computer off of an ftp server I run. I wanted to know how I could setup a single network with two routers and two internet connections, with each computer restricted to one or the other internet connection. It should obviously be wifi capable preferably broadcasting two different networks that each use their own internet connection but are still like one network so that filesharing over lan/wan is fast. Please give software/hardware recomendations, but chances are both routers will be Linksys 54gl possibly one of the newer models capable of 802.11n.

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You cannot do it with the equipment you have.

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  • Labnuke99
    You could do this and use different subnets. You setup a route on each router to the other subnet but the default route on each subnet will be the internet gateway for that particular group of computers. If you have a spare computer system - doesn't have to be very high-end, you could also use Smoothwall as the router between subnets. You can be very creative with your solution.
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  • Anc3s
    what kind of equipment would i need to get this working? beyond a switch and 2 routers idk what i would need. any help?
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  • Tshanahan
    A switch and 2 routers is fine. All you will need to do is setup a different default gateway on each computer. Eg. Router 1 Router 2 Computer 1 Default gateway (Router 1) Computer 2 Default gateway (Router 2) Remember to turn off DHCP on both routers. These IP address' need to be staticly assigned.
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  • Anc3s
    if the two routers are connected to a switch, would i be able to have wifi broadcasting from both routers and still maintain a home network?
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  • Chippy088
    You only really need to change IP on1 of the 2 routers and you don't need a switch. If you change IP addresses of the wifi gateway (normally to and the internal network gateway (normally to on router 1, you can directly connect an ethernet cable into a port of the other router to create 2 networks each with its own internet gateway. While you are in the router setup check if RIP is active. Set it as "in only". Change the details in router1 first, connect them up then switch on the second router (the one with the unchanged IP). The router already on should then get a query signal down the ethernet cable, and should add the route to its routing table. (if RIP is on) Wireless would then be 2 separate networks, each with its own network id and password. as printed on the router label or box they came in. Each PC/Laptop could have a static IP allocated in the router, if you wanted, but dynamic allocation will also work. Your wireless devices will report 2 wireless networks available when you first start them after installing both routers, so you need to know which id belongs to which router to enter the correct WPA/PSK. If you change a channel on the wireless router it will not interfer with the other wireless network, most come set at channel 11, so change the other to 5 or less if you want, that will give you a good difference in the wifi operating frequencies. Just remember to check the channel the wifi devices are capable of operating at. Default gateways are allocated by dhcp, and the routers should learn the port to send network traffic out. All you need do then is try to ping each IP address to verify connection is good.
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