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I've been hired by a retailer that uses AS 400 for just about everything, but provides almost no instructions or procedures to use the computers. As an older salesman (abt. 60), I have little experience with old DOS programs, but am now required to enter and edit sales orders, financing contracts, etc. without any instructions. Can anyone help?

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A lot depends on the application programs that your employer uses on the AS400. There are many different applications available and they can be very different in the way that they work. For example, some applications will update your data when you press the enter key, while others will require you to press a function key to update.

Most AS400 applications are quite logical in how they work – for instance you can’t enter a sales order for a client which has not yet been entered in the client database. Some applications also have help text available (usually displayed if you press the help key or F1).

Maybe if you let us know the name of the application software there will be someone here with experience of using it.


Martin Gilbert.

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  • Vermonter
    The very first thing would be to get someone to show you how to navigate the keyboard. I assume you are using Client Access or some similar terminal emulation program on a PC. As such, there are some differences between the PC keyboard and the AS/400 keyboard that are not intuitively obvious. At a minimum, you need to know the key assignments for the following keys and when to use them: Field Exit Field Minus Error Reset function keys 13 through 24. When to use the Field Exit key, versus the Tab key, versus the Enter key can be confusing to a new user. After you get the hang of it, it becomes second nature and you'll wonder why PC programs don't have a field exit key! PS - Even though the AS/400 has a text-based user interface, as opposed to a graphical interface, it is not DOS. Referring to it as such can be taken as an insult to AS/400 types!
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  • Cachua
    Great advice. Thank you.
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  • LBurkett99
    Follow Martin's advice and use the F1 key. Doing this in a well-written application will give you the information you need to perform your task. If this does not work and you do not have user's manuals, you are pretty much on your own. Leo Burkett
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