Trying to print from AS/400 to HP printer

Diann has an HP5510 printer that she wants to use to print output from the AS/400, but she's not sure how to accomplish this. She writes, "When I was running a Twinax connection, it was no problem. However, since I have switched to Ethernet, I can no longer print reports from the AS/400. I know I can use Operations Manager to copy and paste and print like a text file, but this is not satisfactory for what I need." Do you have any suggestions for Diann? Michelle Davidson Editor

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RSILVA thinks there might be a problem with the network connection. He writes, “I’m not an expert in hardware connections or networks, but it seems to me that Diann’s printer must not be correctly routed in her network, assuming that the printer writer and output queue are correctly defined in the AS/400.”

— Michelle

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  • Selvathy
    You can directly connect the printer to the PC(com 1) which got ethernet connection. Then from that PC using client access you can create a AS400 writer and attached the HP Printer to the AS400 writer. Then from AS400 you can release spool files to that HP Printer.
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  • Bigmac46
    check port # on configuration description and make sure you are using correct one for printer
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  • Steview
    Michelle, What you should do is to set the printer up as a remote output queue and use the facility to use IPDS and an OS/400 provided transform set to change AS400 datastream to standard network datastream. This works very well and we have moved almost all our Twinax attached printers to network IP.
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  • TomLiotta
    The question isn't quite clear. According to HP product specs, the HP 5510 is an "all-in-one" printer that requires USB attachment -- not ethernet. Assuming USB, the printed output would need to be sent to the PC and not to the printer. The PC would then handle getting the report to the printer. The common way to tell your AS/400 about the printer is to create an iSeries Access printer session from the PC that has the printer. This printer session will create a device description and an *OUTQ on the AS/400. When the PC starts the printer session, a writer should be started on the AS/400. You can then move spooled files to that *outq and the writer will send them to the PC. Since the PC has to be running and since the PC has to control the printer, the PC also has to be in charge of getting the writer started on the AS/400. If your printer is somehow not attached to the PC with USB, please describe how it is attached. Maybe an alternative setup is possible. Tom
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