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We are running Exchange Server 2003 and our 30 client computers are running Windows XP. Since three days ago, whenever I use Microsoft Outlook on any client PC, it gives the error "Task 'Microsoft Exchange Server' reported error.” I tried rebuilding the Outlook address list and creating a new Outlook profile but neither worked. I would appreciate a step-by-step solution for this problem.

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Something changed three days ago, what was it? What errors are in the event log? What version and patch level of Outlook? What patch level of Exchange? If this issue was resolved, can you give us what the resolution was please?

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  • Pressler2904
    If all 30 workstations stopped working (Outlook, that is) 3 days ago, Technichic is right on the money by looking at what changed. IF ALL 30 systems stopped connecting at the same time, I would start looking at the Exchange end or possibly the router/switch (unlikely), unless you pushed out the MS patches for November late, in which case look at them as well... I'd check Exchange Server application logs first.
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  • Stevesz
    Check the event logs on the workstations, and, if you do not know what they mean, or how to fix what is reported, try for an answer. Can you reach the Exchange server via OWA? Can you ping the server by name and IP address? Check the Exchange server. Ensure all Exchange services that should be running are running. Check your store size. Has it exceeded its limit--store will not mount if it has.If you have not edited the registry to allow a store larger than 16GB, now would be a good time. It can be increased to 75GB. Have you run oout of disk space on the drive hosting the store, hosting the logs. If the logs go back forever, or even a few days, you need to do a full backup of Exchange with an Exchange aware backup program so the logs can be written tothe store and deleted. Then ensure that this is done every day. Check the event logs on the server. Follow up and resolve any errors found. Again, use to assist. If you have no idea what any of these steps involve, call someone to come in to resolve your problem for you.You have now been without e-mail for 4 days. Most places where I work would find 4 hours to be unacceptable. Wow, I just looked back at your post, and it is dated February 11, 2008. Sure hope your problem has been resolved.
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