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Hey there, we'd love to get your feedback in this survey on trial software downloads. It's an area we're looking at expanding, perhaps even into its own section, and any insights you could provide would be much appreciated. You could even win a $50 gift card for participating: Be sure to also check out the terms & conditions here: Thanks!

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I seriously wonder if any decisions are taken as a result of downloading trial software.
I would be curious to know. I can see people trying say, quicken at home for 30 days, before deciding to buy.
But, I cant imagine an enterprise trying a piece of software for 30 days and deciding to buy or not buy. I am sure some do, but I dont think thats the way to go about it.
In my mind, trial software is good for trying it out. But as soon as you move to the next step of getting even a little bit more serious with it. You would want to talk to the vendor, get a full blown copy and work with them to make sure the install is done in a way that the vendor supports, as well as one that meets your needs. If either of them cant be done, then that software isnt for you, however good it might appear to me based on the trial download.

Additional comment (My $0.02 worth):

I would agree with most of your comments.

If you are investigating a new piece of software where you have no previous experience, then downloading one or more free ’30’ day trial versions may help define your software boundries. I suspect that you don’t get much support with the ’30’ day trials.

Often, it is more effective to purchase a license for a full blown version of the software along with the ‘training’ and ‘support’ offered by the vendor (providing the firm is willing to pay the cost).

Recently, I had to recommend a software function to management where I did not totally understand the product. I downloaded 6 or 7 – ’30’ day trial versions, made a short-list of the final 3, then purchased a copy of the final 2 contestants and then made a final decision.

I have also used ’30’ day trails which were extended for 6 months until a final decision was made.

There are many ways to use the ’30’ day feature to help make a good choice.

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  • Timdoyle
    Trials can have a tremendous value. I think we've probably all been oversold on a product by a vendor at one point or another. A 30 day trial of an application can give you the opportunity to play and expose flaws that may or may not be a big deal in your unique environment. Frequently I use trials as a near last step in my eval process, not early in the process. If I have a need I often present that to my vendor group, discuss possible solutions and then move to the 30 day trial to evaluate the top contenders for my $. My time and that of my staff is too valuable to be spend downloading and installing eval and trial copies of new applications in our test environment. I'd rather rely on my vendors to spend their time doing the basic reserach and help me find the products that are most liekly to meed my needs. I evaluated Solarwinds Orion in my environment based on recommendations from one of my trusted vendors, I bought the product based on my experience with the 30 day trial.
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  • AndreaF
    I have researched software solutions for clients as well as our own operations - and the trial version is often the last piece before a decision is made. I have been influenced in decision making both by the opportunity to test drive the software, as well as having a chance to evaluate the support services behind that software.
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  • BlankReg
    At least three pieces of software we are currently using were originally downloaded as trials. It was the only way I could show management that it functioned and was useful in our network. I doubt there are many companies these days that have budget available just to buy any software for evaluation, so trials are the only way that developers will sell their wares to a lot of places. Most trial software is not crippleware, but only works for a limited time period. If it doesn't have full function, then I agree, the trial is useless, but most commercial software is fully featured, and has to be if it is going to be trialed properly. My concern with most sites that do this, for software that is not their own, is how up to date are the copies available ? I usually prefer to go to the original site to make sure I get the latest version, rather than sometihng that may not have all the features or bug fixes. Maybe a section with links to the main sites, and rather than hold the software here, have recommendations and reviews by people who contribute elsewhere on this site, and we know them (at least a bit) their experience and expertise will add extra weight to the review ?
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