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Does anyone know of a way to transfer a file from the iSeries to a pc using CLP or RPGILE? I do not want the user to have to run a client access transfer. I would like the user to be unaware that this transfer has been done. thanks

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You can use 400 FTP or you could transfer the file to the IFS and then pull it onto the PC from there.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Reva

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  • IdratherBEFishing
    As far as transferring files to a PC in stealth mode, I would think another forum may be more appropriate. However the I-series does work very well to look and act like a MS, Unix or Linux server. You can pretty much put whatever you like in the logon script for a PC attaching to the network or in the startup script of a PC. All the user knows when this is run is that there is a process running in the background. I would still use Client Access file transfer and the user at the PC will not know that this is going on because of the process being used to run the transfer. When file transfer is run by the MS logon process no messages are apparent to the PC user. Of course you'd want to have a special I-series user-id to attach to the I-series such that it could only access these stealth files and not the rest of the I-series. This special user-id would be required whether using file transfer or pulling a file from the IFS. Could you elaborate on the big picture of what you are trying to accomplish? Are you trying to tag the PC's that are running certain processes on the I-series? Why would it be important that the PC user not know a file had been transferred to their PC? Are you trying to manage and control PC's from the I-series? Good luck.
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  • joederoche
    I would have to agree with "IdratherBEFishing". If you set up the iSeries to be used as a network server, you could have the IFS folder MAPPED to their machine as a network drive, and then when the program runs you could programatically transfer the file to the IFS. Using this method would even allow you to create a .CSV file that would open in EXCEL and therefore automatically parse the data into the proper columns. The command to look at to accomplish this is "CPYTOIMPF". I wrote a product for the company that I work for that generates a file, and then generates a report from the file. If the user's specify that they want to download the report into excel, then I create another file as I am writing the report data, and the automatically transfer the file to the IFS on the iSeries and it is ready for the user.
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