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Hello there, I am currently studying for the 70-432 (MCTS SQL Server 2008 I&M) exam and I am using Microsoft 70-432 Training Kit by Mike Hotek. At some point the book claims "when a database is placed in READ_ONLY mode, SQL SERVER removes any transaction log that is specified for the database. Changing the database from READ_ONLY to READ_WRITE causes SQLServer to re-create the transaction log file". Well, I have marked a database as read only and changed it back to read write but the transaction file never disappears? Am I doing something wrong, am I not understanding what the book is trying to say or the book is wrong? Thank you...

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The book appears to be incorrect. Changing a database from read/write to read only will not make the transaction log disapear.

The only way to have a database which doesn’t have a transaction log is to use a database snapshot as the snapshot doesn’t have a transaction log.

I ‘m also working through the MS Press book and found your question here because I had exactly the same issue whilst working through the Suggested Practices. I’ve found quite a few mistakes in this book and since I’m looking to undertake the exam I’m rather annoyed by Microsofts poor quality control when producing this book. I would have thought they’d have someone work through the exercises to ensure that these sort of errors are corrected before the book is published. It seems they’re adopting the same attitude to their training materials as they do to their software. Release it with bugs and let the customer find and report the error. Doesn’t inspire confidence does it!

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  • Dallasfb
    I absolutely agree with you. Before I even bought the book I read some reviews saying that the book has some errors in it. Then I found the website with errata and saw a couple of errors there but not too many so I thought that its not that bad. I am currently on chapter 6 and so far I have found numerous typos, grammatical errors and several things that I am pretty sure are not correct. Another thing that bothers me is when you go through the excercises and then you go to the back of the book to check your answers it will tell you what the correct answers are but for all the incorrect answers it will just give you the same statement and most of the time this statement wont have anything to do with what that particular choice was stating. Also lot of times excercises after certain lessons will offer you choices with information covered in the later exercises. Overall, pretty dissapointing but I needed something that would guide me through everything that is covered on the 70-432 so I just read a chapter and then I find several other sources online. Too bad this is the only book out there written for the 70-432 exam.
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  • Denny Cherry
    Guys, Take a look at Syngress's "The Real MCTS SQL Server 2008 Exam 70-432 Database Implementation and Maintenance Prep Kit" book. ISBN 9781597494205. Hopefully it'll have less errors in it (I wrote a decent amount of it). Good luck on the exam. Test prep books are written by outside people, not by Microsoft (even under the MS Press brand) so the books are only as good as the authors and technical editors. Most of the editing that does into the books is to correct grammar problems with the assumption that the technical information is correct. That is assuming there is a technical editor on the project at all (sometimes there isn't).
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