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I've run into the following scenario a few times: Some of our executives are upset because an outlook calendar event that they had seen before has gone missing. Nobody who manages the calendar had any idea what happened to it (I suspect user error). It is not in user or delegate's deleted items. Is there a way to log what user adds/removes events to a calendar? Either from exchange or from each instance of Outlook? We're running Exhange 2007 and users still connect through outlook 2003, BES, and iPhones. Thanks!

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I don’t know of any tracking software that will tell you who deleted what, however what they need to know is that if a user has multiple delegates and any one of those delegates deletes a meeting invite from their inbox, it will delete off the calendar of the executive. They need to understand that delegation is meant to be used to give another person complete control of managing their calendar. Lots of people use delegation to grant rights to view their calendar not knowing the side effect I have descried if a delegate deletes a meeting invite. I have seen some users with 12 or more delegates and they can;t figure out where all their meetings are going! They need to remove delegates and right-click the calendar itself and grant permissions to view instead. Of course noone is going to admit they deleted a meeting, especially when they do not know deleting the invite will remove the meeting from the execs calendar. Also make sure the execs know not to delete the meeting invite off their blackberry mail. That will also remove it from their calendar. These are not “problems”, they are “features” of Outlook. You have to know and be careful.

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  • Genderhayes
    The CRM User will need to remove the duplicate email address. Once the duplicate email addresses have been removed the issue will stop occurring.
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  • Gabe9527
    Strange last post has gone.... possible user error.
    This will not help for now but you could turn on mailbox Auditing.
    Set-Mailbox -Identity "Ben Smith" -AuditEnabled $true
    This would then be searchable and let you know who to blame.
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