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Hi All, I am Sandeep and working at one software company as system administrator. Company has 60 users (computers). We have 2 MB land line. It goes through Cisco router and all computer default gateway IP is the router IP. We have a ISA server. Now, I want to online monitor this network that which computer or which user is using most bandwidth using existing setup of any free software software that show online network using diagram from last 1 minute to last 3 month. I was searching for this but I only found network monitoring software that show only one computer on interface information. So please help me? I'm very upset for this.

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ntop is a great solution for this. However, you will need to either mirror the switch port going to the router or install a network tap.

You can find some liveCD’s with ntop on it. Check out the Network Security Toolkit.

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Since you need to monitor the bandwidth the best tool for this which is easily available and easy to configure is MRTG. As you are using Router,swicthes and firewall you can enable SNMP and the configure MRTG to monitor the bandwidth. It provides you a graph of bandwidth usage for every 5 minutes which can be also scheduled for any time (for for every 2 minutes). Here is the link for MRTG and the tools required. If you want more details please let me know.

Also you try cacti which is more efficient than MRTG .You can download from here & now its easier to install.

Also check my blog from more details on cacti.


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  • petkoa
    Hi Kapadane, Take a look at MRTG ( ), it could do the task for you. I'm not sure, however, that the your task could be accomplished by SNMP polling of the cisco router - unless you can set the individual IP counters and SNMP-poll them on the router. If you can't set and poll such counters, probably you'll have to put a linux box between cisco and your internal network, set the counters as iptable rules in a "counter chain" and benefit from MRTG ability to use a shell script output instead of SNMP data - this is described in documentation of MRTG, and some sample polling scripts come with the documentation (in contrib directory). You can see some samples of such iptables/MRTG usage at BR, Petko
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  • AndOrTech
    I like the Cymphonix boxes. They give very detailed reports to where a user goes and have much data they are using. It goes inline with your internet connection. It will also allow you to throttle back each user to a set speed so no one person can max out your internet pipe.
  • Kevin Beaver
    For this situation I've found WildPacket's OmniPeek to work very well. It has a "monitor" mode that can show top talkers, top protocols, etc.
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  • Brijesh
    Have a look at this tools to monitor internet bandwidth usage check whether this helps you.
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