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Hey all! I wanted to share this blog article with you about what the most sought out certifications are for 2012.  
Do you agree with the list? 

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Cloud Security Alliance’s CCSK will gain momentum in 2012 due to security related issues in Cloud Computing.

Other than that, Java certification will retain its value. As I am sure all Microsoft and Oracle certifications will too.

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  • MostCertifiedMan
    Do you have any certifications?
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  • James Murray
    Speaking as someone with over 18 years, multiple certifications and multiple degrees in technology, I forget that there are people just starting thier careers and need certifications to build some credibility. Unfortunately in an industry where certifications are everywhere I think the blogger picked the most basic certifications to focus on. When I hire peopl for thier certifications it's because they have the top certifications in thier field of study. Mostly I look at thier experience and what they've done. When it comes to Cisco and VMWare, these certifications compliment a strong resume that is high on experience. A+ certifications, for me, denote a very beginning network technician I've never read a job description looking for an ethical hacker, let alone a certified ethical hacker. My feeling if I saw that on someone's resume i would assume the person with that certification had talked to a sales person who sold them a bill of goods. All Microsoft certifications have a stigma. Without the experience to back up the certification the holder is saying nothing more than they are good at passing a test or making it through a week of boot camp. The certification may say, look I'm showing you that I'm willing to learn, I've taken the first steps to show you I'm serious about learning. Unfortunately in a world of certification paper mills, many certified experts walk in with no background but huge exectations that their certifications will give them more of an edge than they really do. Certifications should compliment a career path. A new technician starting out needs to get certifications in specific applications. Those on a DBA track should get DBA certifications, those on a development track should get development certifications and those on a leadership track should get leadership certifications. 20 years ago an CNE or MCSE was more valuable because there were so few technicians that knew the technology. Back then there were even fewer degree programs because the schools hadn't written the courseware yet. Today this has changed. Every school has a degree and certification program. Plus there is huge competition for the same jobs. When going through a stack of 150 resumes we look at experience. We can't interview 150 people. So after experience then we filter out those without the degrees and certifications just to weed the list down to a workable level. The exceptions are in the cutting edge technologies where nobody has specific experience. The certifications listed in this blog are pretty mainstream and generic. They may be the most sought after, but only because everyone has heard of them and thinks they are a short cut to experience.
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  • TechTalker
    I concur with Ekardris that certifications are not a substitute for experience, rather certifications are a great way to broaden your technical background, increase your overall marketability, build your confidence, and improve your productivity. I have three Oracle and one SQL Server DBA certification that were all earned after gaining years of on the job experience first. Either way you look at certifications, they are good if you use them to get started or to broaden your background, but certifications do not guarentee success rather they force you to learn more about a technology than you might normally be exposed to on the job.
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  • CompleteITProfessional
    I agree with both Ekardris and TechTalker - certifications should go along with experience in your chosen field. In terms of sought after, this would probably align with the increases or trends in the IT industry. These could be related to cloud computing or mobile device application development.
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