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Some of my users are using remote login. Access is through user VPN & internet connection is through data card.I want to test the response item.The service provider does not allow unique ip address in data card in which case ping is ruled out.What is the way out?

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For the VPN you must have a fixed IP address, otherwise how do you know what to connect to ? If they don’t give you a fixed IP address, change the service provider to another one who will do this.

To check the speed of response through the VPN, you could set up a webserver and run the Speedtest Mini application on there. This gives a measure of the upload and download speeds. You can get more information, and the application at

Then give all the users access to the server where this runs, and they can check the speed whenever they like.

Hope this helps.

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  • Robert Stewart
    I'm not sure but I don't think all VPN's need static IP on the client side, the firewall and servers being accessed through the VPN need to be static but the clent side or remote user side does not in my case. Now if your talking about remoting into the remote users pc then it would definitely help to be static but again it is not mandatory. You mentioned data card, is this the same thing as say a verizon wireless card?? Good luck getting any real usefull data for your test if they are continually on the move, meaning they are say travelling from city to city, which means they will have different routes back everytime they connect..
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  • Troy Tate
    I'm not sure why PING or ICMP would be disabled in your scenario. Are you testing performance from the clients to the server? Is there a firewall blocking ICMP? pathping is a good tool for XP and above to test link latency and packet loss. The iperf/kperf/jperf tool is good for testing throughput. jperf runs under java and can run on multiple platforms.
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