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there are two tables one ZipCode and one tempTable each has ZipCode and CongDist as columns. Each Zipcode has more than one CongressionalDistrict. How can I write a SP to have a seperate entry for each senario of Zipcode and Congressional District in tmp Table

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We might need a little more info on this. A stored procedure usually takes some input, applies some logic, and returns a result.
If the second table already has Zipcode and Congressional District, why do you need to join them? Simply querying the second table would give the desired result.

Making some assumptions…
ZipCode table has a primary key “pkZip”, and a column with the Zip Code, plus possibly other data.
CongDist table has a foreign key on ZipCode with “pkZip”, but doesn’t actually have the ZipCode value, so you need to join the two tables.

<pre>select cd.CongDist, zc.ZipCode
CongDist cd
join ZipCode zc on zc.pkZip = cd.pkZip;</pre>

The above query will return the pairs of congressional districts and zip codes.

You can embed that directly in other queries, or if you really need to make a Stored Procedure, it is just:

<pre>create function spfCongDistZip()
returns table
cd.congdist, zc.zipcode
congdist cd
join zipcodes zc on zc.pkzip = cd.pkzip;</pre>

You can then use that function just like a table, e.g.:

<pre>select * from spfCongDistZip();</pre>


<pre>select …
from myOtherTable mot
join spfCongDistZip() cdz on cdz.zipcode = mot.zipcode;</pre>

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  • carlosdl
    Yes, more details are needed. You might want to post some example data as well.
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  • SProcedure
    Okay here is what I am looking for 1. I have two tables Zipcode and a temp . 2. Zipcode has many columns along with Zipcode and CongDist 3. I need a temp table to store only Zipcode and CongDist 4. They was the values are stored in Zipcode table is Zipcode = 44819 and CongDist = 15|13|14 5. So what it means is Zipcode 44819 has 3 CongDist 6. I want to seperate each CongDist as a seperate entry in temp table 7. So the way it should store in temp table is each entry for 44819 and 15, 44819 and 13, 44819 and 14 Thanks
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  • SProcedure
    oaky not a sp but a query I am looking for
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  • Kccrosser
    I would do this with a function that returns a table, as follows:
    create function spf_ZipCodeCongDist()
    returns @ziptable table (
    	zip	varchar(9),
    	cong	varchar(255)) 
    	declare @zip	varchar(9);
    	declare @cong	varchar(255);
    	declare @ipos	int;
    	declare cur cursor for 
    		select ZipCode, CongDist
    		from ZipCode;
    	open cur;
    	fetch next from cur into @zip, @cong;
    	while @@FETCH_STATUS = 0
    		while @cong is not null
    			set @ipos = charindex('|',@cong);
    			if @ipos > 0
    				insert into @ziptable values (@zip, left(@cong, @ipos-1));
    				set @cong = substring(@cong, @ipos+1, 255);
    				insert into @ziptable values (@zip, @cong);
    				set @cong = null;
    		fetch next from cur into @zip, @cong;
    	close cur;
    	deallocate cur;
    You can then query it to return your temp table as:
    select * from spf_ZipCodeCongDist();
    Or, use it in a join, like:
    select ...
    from myTable mt
    join spf_ZipCodeCongDist() zd on = mt.zipcode
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