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Hi, I have to retrieve data from a remote system (May be of any operating system) and shall put into AS/400. This process should be automated and there can't be any manual intervention. We can not use FTP commands here. Is there any other way this can be achieved. Can?t go for MQ Series either as the cost is not justifiable for our case. Any suggestion regarding would be of great help.

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One of my clients used to use Sockets for communicating between an AS400 and a Unix box and that worked very well.

I keep meaning to “have a go” with socket programming and have seen a lot of good press on Scott Klement’s tutorial at

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Since there have been no useful responses yet, I’ll add another useless one.

<li>You need to transfer data to your AS/400.</li><li>You don’t know what you’ll be transferring from; it’s likely to be different on a regular basis.</li><li>You can’t use the only known way to transfer data between different and unknown platforms, i.e., FTP.</li>

I don’t know why you can’t use FTP. If your boss has dictated it, then tell his/her boss that your boss is nuts and needs to be replaced. Giving you a task and simultaneously restricting you from using the only known method of doing the task is nuts.


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  • Seconddan
    One solution I used at a previous (cheap) employer was to put a Wintel machine between the source and destination. After mapping drives onto both boxes (UNIX and iSeries IFS) a Windows scheduled script copied files between the two drives.
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  • SteveRG
    Why don't you try TFTP and shell scripting for automation?
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  • WebSphere24X7
    You could use RFROMPCB.EXE - Batch transfer from the PC to OS/400, which is part of iSeries Access for Windows.
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  • Jay400
    You can do the following without spending any money. Setup NFS (Network File System) where AS/400 is the client and the other system is the server. Ask the Other System Admin to export the path of the remote data to your AS/400, and you mount that path over an IFS directory on AS/400. Use cmd DSPUSRPRF to get the UID of the user under which you will run your unattended batch job that copies data from the remote system, and tell your Other Sys Admin to set this UID as the owner of everything under that exported path. Setting up owner is done during the export process. Once you mount the remote path (cmd: MOUNT) your batch job and the authorized users will access the remote data from your mounted IFS directory. I hope this helps. - Jay
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