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question 1 How do i evaluate a quick change shift where there are two shifts on one day? Question 2 How do i evaluate a shift that starts on a sunday but is in fact a Monday shift? question 3 How do i best set up flexi time to work properly?

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Answer for Q1:-
I have not seen two shifts on one day. I have seen cases as below:
Day 1 – starts late evening – say 6pm to 4am.
Day 2 – say 10am to 6pm.
These can be evaluated as two day’s shifts – see below answer for Q2.

Answer for Q2:-
You may be referring to a shift that has a majority of working hours on the next day. For example 10pm to 6am.
The evaluation of such shifts depends on the business rules. I am supporting 4 clients presently. Each client and within a client there are several employee sub-groups which have different awards (rules).
For example, one sub-group is paid on the basis of when the shift starts.
Mon-Fri – starting –
4am to 7am- 15%shift penalty,
10am to 3pm – 10%
4pm – 6 pm – 15%
6pm – 4am – 20%
Sat – 50%
Sun, Public Holidays – 75%
Another subgroup is paid based on the majority of shift. For example, if the shift is 6pm to 2am, the majority of shift is on the current day. A shift 10pm to 6am has next day majority. Based on the majority of shift, a weekend or Public holiday penalty may apply.

Another subgroup is paid based on the hours applicable for the day. For example, a shift starting on Sunday 10pm to 6am is paid as : 10pm-00 am on Sunday rates, 00am to 6am on Monday rates. For this purpose, the T510S can be configured for start and end time. Or you could split the TIP entry into two – first one upto 12am and the second one after 12am.

As I said every config depends on the business requirements/rules. You need to clarify these before starting configuration.
Further I suggest cost benefit analysis for each piece of task. Assume the effort is say 10days of analysis / config / testing / UAT assistance, costing say $15,000. Then if this is saving only about $500 per year, then I would say the effort is not beneficial to the client. I would suggest alternatives which are more cost-effective.

Answer for Q3:-
The hours attended each day need to be accumulated in a time type. This time type needs to be reviewed at the end of the period depending on the employee’s pay cycle or time cycle. The period may be Mon-Fri or it may be a pay period of 2weeks starting on a Friday. At the end of the period, check how many hours have been worked. You need to set a limit in a suitable table. T511K is one suggestion. Or you may use attendance quotas.
Based on the hours worked being more or less than the limit, you need to work out the impact. This again is based on the business requirements. For example, the excess hours worked may be converted into an absence quota named as Flexi leave. The excess hours worked can be passed as a time type to generate absence quota. The view V_T559L can be configured to use the time type to generate the absence quota.

If you have understood Time Management reasonably, you can do a lot.

Hope this helps.

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