Is my motherboard affected when gaming?

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Does a motherboard have an affect on my experience when gaming?

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It controls all the key components used in gaming like the CPU, hard drive , memory, graphics cards and sound cards… If you have good components then you will get better game performance as long as they are compatible with the mother boards. Are you having specific problems? Post your issues as well as your system specs  and we can better advise.

Thought of this one last minute… If you have a motherboard with integrated sound and video then you may need top upgrade for better gaming performance. Those that are built into the motherboard are pretty generic and usually low quality. 

The motherboard has almost no impact on your gaming performance – but it can have features that may matter to you outside raw in-game performance.

It may limit your future upgrade options to some extent, and lower-end motherboards might be a bottleneck for specific high-end configurations… but you’re not exactly going to drop $1000 on computer hardware and get the cheapest motherboard possible to cut the costs, are you?

Don’t fall into the trap of “GAMING” motherboards – your choice of a motherboard should be dictated by your needs, your upgrade plans and whether or not it offers any features that may be useful to either of the above rather than marketing gimmicks.

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  • Subhendu Sen
    Without knowing computer/laptop configurations, not possible to provide a good reply. If the computer where the game what you are playing, is properly configured/all the components are good matching, then it is OK. Have you a gaming laptop?
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  • Subhendu Sen
    Moreover, if you think to buy a laptop/desktop for gaming purpose, it is better to link the corresponding vendor for detail configuration. Don't trust on Online Shopping website details. After your choice, you can go the original/official website of the manufacturer and check for details.
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  • ToddN2000
    Do you have concerns about your current system or are you looking to buy a new system or build one yourself? We can make a few suggestions if we know what your end goal is. Also what game are you looking to play? Some only need middle of the road specs where other require a lot more punch all the way around. Things like power supply, ram, video card, HD or SSD, CPU, fan cooled or water cooled.. and the list goes on for options.
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  • TheRealRaven
    Ignore the part of the answer that says the "motherboard has almost no impact on your gaming performance". Practically everything will be affected by choice of motherboard including such basics as what CPU can even be plugged in or what case everything can fit into.

    Because of that, a motherboard is commonly chosen because it supports the major components that you require, rather than the other way around. And as your components are chosen for higher quality or performance (which generally translates to "price"), you'll generally also want a higher quality motherboard.
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