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Hi, Imagine an main office that has 3 P2P link with it's 3 branch offices through a router(cisco 3845),the branch offices use of all of main office services and applications:internet,intranet,email,Office Auomaion,Funancial system,Antivirus. What's the best network deign for this office in feuthure!!?? Really I wana know the specification of the best network for a big office!!!or some usefull services that an office can give to internal and external users!!or which hardware or software is better to use in network!!! Could you show me some sample diagram!!? Thank you. ---- Regards Mahnaz

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Asking for a description from anyone about an ideal network is like asking for a description of the ideal woman, or car, etc. It depends…. You can build the biggest, most redundant and reliable network, but it may be complete overkill for what you are needing.

You need to determine what you business needs are and will be for the next 3-5 years. What are your technical needs for the next 3-5 years. What is your growth rate going to demand of your network equipment. Bandwidth requirements….. Then build your network to fit those needs as your budget allows.

I know this is not the answer you were looking for. I dont intend to sound trite, but you should dig deeper and understand what your needs are to guild the ideal network.

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  • Tbitner
    If your main office and branch offices are using 1.5mb T1's then you might want to consider bumping up your main office connection to 3MB or 6MB since that single connection is shared with the other offices. For 3MB, you can bond T1's together with multilink PPP and for 6MB a Fractional T3 connection would probably work better. Since you are running many services over these lines, MPLS connections to each brach and pritorizing traffic using CoS would help ensure one service doesn't saturate the connection, like http traffic.
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  • Bobkberg
    Happy New Year all! I'm sorry to seem suspicious, but frankly, your question smacks of a homework assignment. As other folks have pointed out, the "ideal" network doesn't exist as such. If this is a real network, then you should provide more information on what is already in place, and what problems you are encountering. With something specific to go on, we (as a group) are going to be better able to help you. Bob
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  • DrillO
    Bob and the others are right.....if this is a real network we need more information. One thing that I will stress, again assuming that this is not a homework problem, is that you need to build and grow a network based on the business plan and needs of the users. We can design and build what ever is required, but WE don't make up those requirements. a lot of discussion is needed at all levels of the organization before design work begins. Start at the top and work your down. Remember that the perfect netowrk is one that works. Paul
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  • Knomis
    the ideal network should have (from top level down) a vision or plan of where company is headed, a business manager to budget how much the company can spend, and an MIS staff to provide a working network solution within the budget, meeting the vision of the company. not knowing the other details as stated by the rest of the replies, i (we) cannot make a suggestion other than what has been said already...
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