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First off I'm running an MS exchange 03 server and the client is MS outlook 03. The question I have is that if a user starts a search using the find now options in outlook on a very large mailbox and then decides to close outlook without waiting for the search results, is this considered not closing outlook properly, resulting in the file is being checked for problems dialog box? Any consideration given this issue will be greatly appreciated.

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A couple of questions for you.

Is this user using cached mode on a direct connection to the mail server or are they downloading their email to a pst. (personal folder)?

Does the file check happen every single time they open outlook now even if it completed successfully the last time?

If they are directly connected and using cached mode, you can delete the .ost file and let it rebuild. Take the outlook client off cached mode and close their outlook, Do a search (include hidden folders) for the .ost file and delete it. Re-open outlook normally, re-enable cached mode and close and re-open it again to enable the change.

It will take a little time to rebuild the .ost depending on how large the mailbox is.

If they are downloading their mail to a personal folder you can run a repair utility against the .pst file. Do a web search for pst file repair tools.

I recommend these only if it keeps checking the file every time they open outlook regardless if it completed last time sucessfully.

If it opens normally the next time they open outlook after a successful check no action is required. Outlook is working as designed.

A side note – every once in a while my cached mode ost file gets corrupted and I have to rebuild it. I’m used to it and just take it in stride now.

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  • Robert Stewart
    Now when the user starts outlook after a reboot, it show a dialog box stating the file is being checked for errors, the first time this happened it took three minutes, now the user is telling me it is taking up to 15 mins. Any help or consideration will be greatly appreciated.
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  • Robert Stewart
    Yes it is running in cache mode and has a direct connection to the exchange server. It never finds errors, so I assume it completed successfully, this seems to happen every morning when the user first boots up in the a.m., although it has happened a couple of times during the middle of the day according to the end user. By the way I think this started when an update with Windows Desktop Search was downloaded it totally wrecked her Lookout search indexing service. I had a hard time getting lookout to work on her mailbox but finally got it working. Again thanks and I will try your advice and update this post when I get a chance.
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  • Kamau
    This solution worked fine for me.brought lot of Joy MY OST file was corrupt due to large size(14GB). So what I did I went to Mail Setup>Email Account>select view or change email address>change>uncheck - Use Cached Exchange Mode>then click on more settings>Advanced>offline folder settings>Disable offline Use. This will allow you to choose/create another .ost file that outlook can use to log on to the user file that is corrupt and it will rebuild the emails. Save the settings and close the setup dialogue box and restart outlook should this be done properly you should be able to log on to outlook on the same user profile the difference is outlook will not connect to the corrupt .ost file but to the new one. However it will build the ost file to almost the same size of the previous ost file. Its therefore wise to archive you files or delete mails that you don't need to reduce your ost file to manageable level. Remember the maximum limit for office 2003 is 2GB. once exceeded its highly likely the problem will recurr.
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