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I have many PCs throughout my network that have multiple users logging into them. Therefore I have MANY profiles under documents and settings. I have so many that I am now seeing 40Gb hard drives getting eaten up with temporary internet files. In particular I would like to delete the following folder: c:documents and settings%username%local settingstemporary internet folderscontent.ie5. What I would like to have is a simple script that I could run on the hard drive that would delete the folder named "content.ie5" from each profile. I have admin rights but don't want to spend the time going through 80 or 90 profiles manually. I will create a GPO that will set the temporary internet files to delete upon exist (from Explorer) but that won't help with those who don't log onto a particular machine again.

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under windows environment, i use clearprog.exe in a log off scrip way
it is usefull with switches to set into a batch

hope that’s will help ya

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  • Cptrelentless
    You could run a script on start up with a "For Each userfolder in DocsArray" loop thing. In VBScript: For Each StrFName In CUArray IF ObjFS.FolderExists(StrFName & "Outlook") then Pab.Copy StrFName & "OutlookJanson.pab", True End If Next If you don't have Exchange, everyone gets a pab...
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  • WaltZ400
    If you are not concerned with saving anything in the Temp Internet folder, there is a setting within windows under Control Panel/Internet Options/Advanced tab. If selected this will delete files from this folder each time a user exits Internet Exlporer. Of course that means on those web pages where info never changes you lose the ability for IE to store the page on your hard drive to load faster the next time you go to that site. Also on the Internet Options window on the General tab, there is a Settings button to allow you to limit the size of the temp internet folder. This will still save web pages for fast retrieval but not allow the disk to become too crowded.
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  • Howard2nd
    Setting IE to delete the 'temporary internet folder' on exit is the way to go, and it is doable from Group Policy. so you don't have visit every system when every user is logged on. Good luck.
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  • Ghigbee
    Here is a batch file that I wrote that will take care of them on the local machine. See this article for instructions: http://frankenrouter.homeip.net/System+Admin+Articles/109.aspx
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