Should I go to a tech school or a university?

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I'm attending a community college right now getting my business administration degree, then I'm going to transfer to either ECPI or Old Dominion university. I'm liking the way information technology career field is looking (stability, growing demand) but out of the blue I'm sorta interested with drafting &design degrees, which not many schools where I am located offer drafting & design degrees (only itt and probably the art institute). I learn better hands on, but back to IT, mother says to go into cybersecurity, I'm willing to do the schooling but in the end I want it to show in my pay (if you now what I mean). I am leaning to cybersecurity but my thing is, I'm really undecided, I get bored easily, especially after the 2 year point. I don't mind repeating tasks day by day I like routine but I need something that will keep my spark lit. I don't know what IT field would be a great match but my thing is, my community college offers certifications (which is much cheaper than universities and ECPI) and I understand ECPI will have a much faster opportunity to land a job. It should take about the same time (hopefully 2 years) to get my bachelor's between both schools but don't know what employers look for. I understand MBA is what to get, but where should I go and what should I do when I'm ready to transfer? Thank you for any advice!

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I believe the best option for you is to go to university as all employees require degree. At the same time you can do some internships in different spheres. So in this way you will have clear understanding of what exactly you want to do after your studies. If you don’t have enough time for writing academic papers at uni just higher someone like  as I believe it is better to spend time on internship than academic work. At least in your particular case. 

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  • TheRealRaven
    A technical Q&A forum isn't a good place for such a question. Maybe the first thing to learn should be where to find needed info. Try asking your question in the 'Discussions' area.

    Worse, if you pick ten random members, you'll likely find at least eight different paths to wherever they are now. Some might be in positions you think you want to go for, and some will likely indicate that they should've done things differently. Nobody can guess what you should do.

    As far as advice goes, best I ever had about career was "It doesn't matter how much you make as much as what you do with what you make." (That's mostly for the U.S.A., but it's relevant anywhere to some degree.)
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  • ToddN2000
    Do what makes you happy. You will be less likely to get bored if you are doing something you enjoy. It does not mean you have to stay focused in one area either. If drawing is an interest that's fine I see a bunch of demand lately for 3D modeling. The security road would not be bad as a back-up either. It all comes down to how much time you want to dedicate to training. Then how much effort is needed to stay current in both areas.
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  • Kevin Beaver
    You can do anything at the highest levels if you focus your mind on being successful. What do you like to do? Ask around. Get feedback from other IT pros. They'll tell you. What are you good at? You, and others close to you, will know the answer to this. Nothing requires formal education although it can certainly be beneficial. Studies show time and again that people with technical degrees earn the most money. Anything is possible in this field so best of luck!
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