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I am using Client Access 5250 emulation connecting to a model 270 at V5R2. The host has a public IP address so there is no VPN, etc. After 5 minutes of no keyboad activity my job is disconnected. Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do to keep my job active? Thank you.

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There are a few settings on the iSeries to check but i would doubt any would be set that low.
WRKSYSVAL QINACTITV, select option 5 to display. It’s possible the setting could be at 5 minutes if this is after normal work hours and there is a scheduled job that resets this value.
The TCP keep alive parm TCPKEEPALV in CHGTCPA
and the Session keep alive timeout TIMMRKTIMO in CHGTELNA.
There used to be a setting in the .WS file in the private subfolder but i believe that was removed in v5r1?
I would verify with your network personnel if there is a similiar setting on there side.

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  • LBurkett99
    Thank you, Whatis23. Mu QINACTITV is *NONE, TCPKEEPALV is 120 and TIMMRKTIMO is *CALC. I changed TIMMRKTIMO to *DFT (600 seconds) and will see if my session stays active for 10 minutes instead of 5.
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  • DanD
    If you are doing a 5250 connection to an AS/400 on an public internet connection without a firewall you are probably losing your connection while hackers are performing an colonoscpy on that system.
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  • LBurkett99
    I found out I was connecting to a firewall after all, and it had a telnet timeout setting of 5 minutes. We increaded to timeout value to 999 minutes and the problem went away. Thank all our you for your concern and advice. Leo Burkett
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  • Yorkshireman
    Security is an issue, but hackers interpreting sdlc must be fewer in number.. It's the passwords you need to worry about - have a predetermined new one for each session.
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  • X90syl
    LBurkett99... Do you happen to remember the setting onthe firewall that needed to be changed as I am having a similar problem with one of the AS400 connenctions please? Regards
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