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So this question may sound simple but hopefully I can explain this correctly. Using the Windows snipping tool, how can I get a screenshot of a drop down menu? Whenever I select 'New' in the toolbar, the menu disappears. Any way around this?

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It all depends on site with the drop down. I have had similar issues where it works or does not. On those that don’t I have had luck using Irfanview. It’s a fee program that will let you set up a hot key to do a screen capture. The I would just edit the saved image to get what I need. You can also capture a cropped section with Irfanview as well.  

When using the snipping tool, in the middle of the tool bar is a DELAY option. Select 5 seconds, then select new. You can now have 5 seconds to click on the drop down to open it up before the screen capture by area or how ever you have it set works. 

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  • Kevin Beaver
    Yeah, I don't think you can do that. I have not been very successful with that in the past. You might consider another screenshot tool such as Greenshot. That might work better.
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  • bhannah
    I have to agree with ToddN2000 on part of this. Some sites will hide the drop down. What I have always done though is use the Windows Print Screen (Ctrl-Prtscr) to do a screen grab, and this will copy the pull down menus. Then you can just paste the screen grab into just about anything. You can also drop it into paint to save and edit the screen grab, and then insert it into most anything.
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  • Subhendu Sen
    It is better to use Print Screen (PrtSc) key for your job. It us easy to use and after taking shot through print screen, open MS Paint and on new file, just press CTRL + V (for paste). After that use Select tool from Home menu, click Rectangular Selection, with this you can copy (CTRL +C) the portion that you want. Next again open a new file, just past the portion & save it.
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