Take a date and format to MDY in RPG IV

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AS/400 date format
I have a date coming in from a file (ADDate Zoned 8 0)

so it comes out 20090428

but I want to have it convert to 042809

how can I do that?




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h dftactgrp(*no) actgrp(*caller) option(*srcstmt:*nodebugio)

d dateISO s 8p 0 inz(20020125)
d dateMDY s 6p 0
d dateISOa s 8a inz(‘20020125’)
d dateMDYa s 6a
dateMDYa = %char(%date(dateISOa:*iso0):*mdy0);
dateMDY = %dec(%date(dateISO:*iso):*mdy);
*inlr = *on;

DATEISOA CHAR(8) ‘20020125’ ‘F2F0F0F2F0F1F2F5’X
DATEMDYA CHAR(6) ‘012502’ ‘F0F1F2F5F0F2’X
DATEISO PACKED(8,0) 20020125. ‘020020125F’X
DATEMDY PACKED(6,0) 012502. ‘0012502F’X
* * * * * E N D O F R P G D U M P * * * * *

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  • TomLiotta
    Using what language? Also, is this an interactive program where a format conversion might run once every few minutes or a heavy batch process where you might do millions of conversions? Probably the most efficient in RPG would be to store the zoned value in a DS subfield. Redefine it with three character subfields for YY, MM and DD. Then either move those three into the desired order in a different DS so the DS can be referenced as a single value or EVAL the three into a 6-byte character variable. The same operations can be done in COBOL. If you want a more generic but less efficient process, you might use the CEE* date & time APIs in a service program the accepts an incoming value, e.g., '20090428', an incoming input format, e.g., 'YYYYMMDD', an incoming output format, e.g., 'MMDDYY, and have it return the converted value. The "picture string" feature of those APIs allows for some fancy flexibility. In CL, you might just use the CVTDAT command using FROMFMT*YYMMDD) TOFMT(*MDY) TOSEP(*NONE). You might even do this as a proc so you can call it from anywhere else. There are a number of alternatives from one end of the range to the other. Which is best for you might depend on language and application. Tom
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  • Jaymz69
    RPG IV date comis in as 20020125 I want it to print out on the report 012502 just a small PRG for a report
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  • CharlieBrowne
    Here is anotehr option DateOut = %subst(DateIn:5:4) + %Subst(DateIn:3:2)
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  • TomLiotta
    just a small PRG for a report Suggestions from everyone else will work. The only thing to remember for each solution is that you need to convert your zoned-decimal numeric value to a character value before you can use %subst(). In BigKat's answer, the %date() function takes "an expression" as its first parameter, so it can work with packed or zoned input -- you should be good with the example. Also, your value is already in *ISO numeric format, so this should also work:
    dateMDY = %dec( %date( dateISO ) : *mdy );
    However, you're better off keeping the explicit specification. Tom
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