• Windows 10 cursor keeps disappearing

    So this is interesting: My cursor has completely disappeared on my Windows 10 machine. I have no idea why! It's a Dell laptop. Can someone please help. Why does it keep disappearing on me? Thank you.

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  • Windows 10 Cortana will not answer questions

    I use Cortana all of the time for daily projects. But over the past week, it doesn't answer my questions anymore. Every once in a while, it does work when I ask it to start Chrome or Firefox but 95% of the time, it's no longer working. Any idea on what's going on here? Thanks so much.

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  • Volume level will not change on Windows 10 machine

    I just plugged my headphones into my Windows 10 machine but now I can't change the volume level. I tried to set it to zero and it remained the same. Not sure what's happening here - what can I do? Thank you!

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  • Windows 10 computer mouse clicking issues

    For a very long time now, my mouse have been bugging out. My dad describes the mouse as "new" tho it's having a couple problems that i don't know how to solve. Middle mouse button clicks fails to open up browsers 75% of the clicks and is unpredictable, assuming there is connection issues or the...

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  • Windows 10 machine will not connect to network or Internet

    So I have an interesting question: When I'm trying to connect to the Internet of my Windows 10 machine, it says I can't connect to the network. This lasts around 30 minutes and then connects. Why is there such a delay? I checked the router and drivers and there are no issues. What can I do?

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  • Skype icon is missing on Windows 10

    Last week, Skype made me update to its most recent version. But now on my Windows 10, the icon is gone. What should I do? Can I get it back?

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  • How to stop Gmail notifications for new emails

    I'm still using Gmail at my organization (on Google Chrome/Windows 10). With the way it's currently setup, I get notifications for new emails that come in. But for some senders, I don't want notifications. How can I set that up? I still want the email to come in (just no notification). Thank you.

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  • Windows 10 Security Center Service will not start

    I'm currently in the Windows 10 'Security and Maintenance' section and when I try to turn it on, it says: The Windows Security Center Service can't be started. When I tried going through service.msc, Security Center and then Start, I get another error message: Error 1068 - The dependency service or...

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  • Windows 10 calculator will not open

    Ugh - I'm getting quite annoying with Windows 10. This issue now is with the calculator app. When I search for it in 'All Apps', it's not listed at all. I tried the Start Search Menu and I get this: @ {Microsoft.WindowsCalculator_10.1601.49 Desktop App". I clicked it - nothing happens. It's...

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  • Windows 10 Task Manager is showing strange apps that are running

    So I was poking around Windows 10 TaskManager yesterday and I saw these strange apps that seem to be running most of the time. One of them is Microsoft.Photos and another is SkypeHost. I don't use any of these - why are they running?

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  • Windows 10 machine shuts down after sleep mode

    At night time, my Windows 10 machine shuts down automatically after about four hours in sleep mode. I don't have this issue during the day (when I wake it). Can I extend the time of sleep? I don't want it shutdown.

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  • Batch script to wake up Windows 10 PC

    So hopefully this makes sense: I need to create a batch script so when I want to wake up my Windows 10 PC (work machine), all I have to do is press one key. Perhaps the Spacebar or even Enter. What's the process to do that? Thanks so much.

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  • File shortcut for Windows 10 calendar

    Hello! Would I be able to create a file shortcut to my Windows 10 calendar? I'm referencing the popup that opens up (in the bottom corner of the my taskbar). Thank you.

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  • Run commands when locking Windows 10 screen

    Hi experts, Whenever I lock my Windows 10 screen, I would like a list of commands to be executed. How can I set that up? Perhaps a command line operation? Or setup through Task Scheduler?

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  • Windows 10 audio will not play in browsers

    So here's an odd question for everyone. I noticed that the sound/volume on my Windows 10 laptop will not play in any browsers. But it works everywhere else. All of my browsers are currently up to date. Not sure what's going on here - any tips/suggestions? Thanks so much.

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  • Hard drive test tool on Windows 10 system

    Last night, I wanted to test / compare the performances on my hard drives (for Windows 10). I downloaded the performance test 9.0 to run it. It looked fine until one of my drives' performances didn't turn out well (and I'm very surprised). I actually just don't believe the results. With that, does...

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  • Windows 10 recycle bin will not open

    So here's the funny thing: My Windows 10 recycle bin does not open! It gets to around 90% and then just stops (loads forever). Can I see what's in my trash using another way? I need to clear everything out of it.

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  • Windows 10 Storage app is not giving correct data

    So I think I found a bug in my Windows 10 storage app but I'm not sure. It currently says I have 11 GB in temporary files. But in my node, it lists 60 MB. Why are those numbers different? Anywhere else I should look at?

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  • Disable Microsoft Excel sheet bounce

    Hi experts, I'm not sure anyone can help but here goes: At the top of an Excel spreadsheet, does anyone know how to disable the sheet bounce (or touch scroll bounce)? Hopefully I said that correctly. The bouncing values are set at zero but it's not working. Any ideas? I'm on Windows 10

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  • Incompatible network drivers on laptop

    Over the course of the past month or so, my laptop has been getting a ton of BSODs. It always restarts and when I open Chrome, this error message pops up: Update or remove incompatible applications - This application could prevent Chrome from working properly. Learn how to update applications...

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