• Can malware spread from Android smartphone to Windows 10 PC?

    Hello, This is a security question from my friend. He believes he has malware on his Android smartphone. He has a Windows 10 PC. Both are on the same Wi-Fi. He's worried that the malware will go to his PC. Is that even possible? Should he be concerned?

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  • Windows 10: Cortana does not work

    I'm having the same issue as have many other Windows 10 users...Cortana! It's not just not working at all. All I see is just a black screen. I've tried restarting Cortana in Task Manager to no avail. Also tried logging in / out but that didn't work either. What can I do?

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  • Disable popup ads on Windows 10 Home Edition

    I believe it was about three to four weeks ago when I finally purchased Windows 10 Home Edition. I love it except there's just one thing: I keep getting these pop-up ads for other Microsoft services. It's extremely annoying. Would I be able to delete these possibly?

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  • Microsoft Outlook 2016 flagged emails are going into deleted folder

    I've noticed that whenever I flag a message in Outlook 2016, it's going right into the my deleted folder. It's been happening for a couple of weeks. I'm on Windows 10. Usually, they stay in my inbox until now. How can I fix this?

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  • Using IMO on Windows 10 in censored country?

    I'm used to using IMO for Windows 10, but what can I do for country censorship of this Messenger?

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  • Disable Windows 10 microphone

    So my laptop is running Windows 10 and there's a microphone attached to it. I never use and don't want to use it. I already disabled it in Device Manager but it's still functioning. Is there anywhere else that I need to disable it in? Appreciate the help.

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  • Viewing saved logins on Windows 10 laptop

    I was taking college courses over the summer and was connected to the school's Wi-Fi network (I had to enter my username / password). I recently got a new Windows 10 laptop that I'm trying to connect but I can't remember the login credentails. School is out for a few more weeks so I can't ask...

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  • How to logoff using Linux shell script on remote Windows 10 machine

    Hello, Apologizes for the brief question - I'm on a remote Windows 10 machine. Using a shell script in Linux, how can I logoff? Thank you!

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  • Windows 10 1803 installation corrupted Microsoft Office 2013

    So I just did the latest Windows 10 update (I believe it's version 1803). But now I noticed that it corrupted my Office 2013 installation. I can't seem to run any of the applications. Every time I try, I get the message: Something went wrong. And then it suggests I to the Apps & Features to use...

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  • Regain Windows 10 administrator access

    I'm pretty sure one of my children has been playing around with my Windows 10 account. Now it says I'm a guest user (not the administrator). I can't access it at all. What should I do?

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  • Best way to move media files in NAS

    For the past two days or so, I've been trying to reorganize all of the media (images, videos) on my NAS. It's actually a ReadyNAS. I'm trying to do it through Windows Explorer but it's just really too slow for me. How can I speed this up? Basically I'm moving different media into files, folders,...

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  • Laptop is showing memory usage of 70% without running any programs

    I'm currently looking at my Task Manager and it's showing my memory at 70% usage - and I'm not running any programs at the moment! What could be causing this high usage? It's an Acer laptop running Windows 10. Thanks so much.

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  • Windows 10: Copy file image to clipboard

    I'm using Windows 10 - what's the best way to copy an image (from a file) to the clipboard? I tried Ctrl + C but it didn't copy it to the clipboard. Any help is appreciated. Thanks so much.

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  • How to delete temporary internet data from Windows 10 PC

    Hi! I'm working on a Windows 10 PC and I have to clean out some disk space ASAP. I'm using the cleanup tool to make some space. So I'm trying to delete this 'temporary internet data' but it won't happen. The size is more than 5 / 6 GB which would help a ton! How can I delete this?

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  • Windows 10 laptop continues to go into sleep mode

    I never want my Windows 10 laptop go to to sleep. I have all of the settings set to "off" but just after a few minutes, it goes right to sleep. Are there specific logs that I can look into to figure this out? What else can I do?

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  • Flash is not playing videos on Windows 10 laptop

    I've started to notice that my Flash player is not working on my Windows 10 laptop (specifically YouTube videos). It just continues to load and load to no avail. I went ahead and uninstalled / reinstalled Flash but that didn't work. It's happening in all of my browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox and...

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  • Logitech wireless mouse is not working on Windows 10 laptop

    I bought a Logitech wireless mouse and it's been working great for the past month or so. But starting two days ago, it keeps randomly disconnecting. I tried another USB port and it worked for a few hours but then didn't. It's a Lenovo laptop running Windows 10. Is there something wrong with the...

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  • Disable Office 365 popup ad on Windows 10

    I just upgraded to Windows 10 and I'm very excited! There's just one thing: Every day or so, I get this notification popup that says Get Office 365 (it's almost like an ad). I went into my setting and uninstalled it. But when I do updates, it returns. How can I disable it completely?

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  • How to enable touch screen on Windows 10 Lenovo laptop

    Hi there, This is probably an easy question but I do need a solution fast. On my Lenovo Windows 10 laptop, I accidentally hit a bunch of keys and now I've completely disabled the touch screen. How do I go ahead and re-enable it? Through the Device Manager? Appreciate any guidance on this.

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  • Operation could not be completed (error 0x00000709) when trying to add a shared printer

    Hi there, I have been sitting with this problem for more than a week now. I have a computer running Windows 10 1803 build (17134.112) USB printer is shared and permissions have been set also my network and sharing has been set. I have also tried many solutions available on the forum with no...

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