• Skype icon is missing on Windows 10

    Last week, Skype made me update to its most recent version. But now on my Windows 10, the icon is gone. What should I do? Can I get it back?

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  • How to Migrate from Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail on new Computer

    I have been using Outlook Express on Windows XP operating system. Recently I have upgraded to Windows 10. In this operating system I am using Windows 10 Mail. Which is quite impressive. But Outlook Express contains some crucial email from clients. So, I want to access Outlook Express DBX Files in...

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  • Windows 10 taskbar icons aren’t working

    When I use Windows 7, I'm able to right click on my icons to unpin them. But recently, I upgraded to Windows 10 but when I click on the taskbar icons now, I don't get any menu. Everything else is working great except for the icons. How can I fix this?

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  • Change brightness on Windows 10 Lenovo laptop

    I did a Windows 10 update last night on my Lenovo laptop and now I'm seeing a very pressing issue. I can't change the brightness on it anymore. I need it very bright due to my eyes. Clicked on the battery icon - didn't work. Neither did the keyboard shortcut. What can I do here?

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  • Compatibility Windows 10 for V : 11.0.4

    Dear sir or madam, As part of the migration from Windows 7 to Windows 10 at the beginning of 2019 at NAVAL GROUP. I would like to have by return of this email your confirmation of the proper functioning of your tool on the version we are working with        GID 11.0.4 Could you provide me...

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  • Cannot apply new Windows 10 update

    I'm using Windows Update to try to upgrade to the April 2018 update but it keeps failing. Here's all the error code says: SAFE_OS. What should I do?

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  • Hardware is blocking Windows 10 update

    I'm getting a notification on my laptop that I can update to Windows 10 version 1803. But when I tried to update, there's an error message saying that my hardware is unsupported and that I need to call my laptop vendor. How can I find out which software, application or program is blocking the...

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  • Windows 10 machine shuts down after sleep mode

    At night time, my Windows 10 machine shuts down automatically after about four hours in sleep mode. I don't have this issue during the day (when I wake it). Can I extend the time of sleep? I don't want it shutdown.

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  • Disable automatic login on Windows 10

    When I was back using Windows 8.1, someone got into my system because I was automatically logged in as the last user. Is there a way to prevent that in Windows 10? Basically, if I'm the last user to use the machine, Windows 10 won't automatically log me in next time.

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  • Application Packaging Industry Standards

    I've been assigned at my company to look at "packaging standards" that are used in the industry but have struggled to find any (note: I come from a development background where some standards do exist). We are a Windows 7/10 shop, SCCM, Flexera AdminStudio. Any guidance out there? MSI with MSTs?...

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  • Windows 10 calculator will not open

    Ugh - I'm getting quite annoying with Windows 10. This issue now is with the calculator app. When I search for it in 'All Apps', it's not listed at all. I tried the Start Search Menu and I get this: @ {Microsoft.WindowsCalculator_10.1601.49 Desktop App". I clicked it - nothing happens. It's...

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  • How to stop Gmail notifications for new emails

    I'm still using Gmail at my organization (on Google Chrome/Windows 10). With the way it's currently setup, I get notifications for new emails that come in. But for some senders, I don't want notifications. How can I set that up? I still want the email to come in (just no notification). Thank you.

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  • Volume level will not change on Windows 10 machine

    I just plugged my headphones into my Windows 10 machine but now I can't change the volume level. I tried to set it to zero and it remained the same. Not sure what's happening here - what can I do? Thank you!

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  • Setup three finger drag function on Windows 10 Touchpad

    I'm looking for a similar drag function (like on a Mac) for my Windows 10 Touchpad. Basically - I need to drag certain items around with three fingers. How can I do that in my settings?

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  • How to transfer files from Windows 10 machine to Linux machine

    Hello, I have two laptops - one runs on Windows 10 and the other runs on Linux. As of right now, both of them are hooked up through my router through the ethernet cables. I need to transfer several files from the Windows machine to the Linux one. What's the easiest way to do that?

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  • Windows 10 Cortana will not answer questions

    I use Cortana all of the time for daily projects. But over the past week, it doesn't answer my questions anymore. Every once in a while, it does work when I ask it to start Chrome or Firefox but 95% of the time, it's no longer working. Any idea on what's going on here? Thanks so much.

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  • Windows 10 cursor keeps disappearing

    So this is interesting: My cursor has completely disappeared on my Windows 10 machine. I have no idea why! It's a Dell laptop. Can someone please help. Why does it keep disappearing on me? Thank you.

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  • Windows 10 computer mouse clicking issues

    For a very long time now, my mouse have been bugging out. My dad describes the mouse as "new" tho it's having a couple problems that i don't know how to solve. Middle mouse button clicks fails to open up browsers 75% of the clicks and is unpredictable, assuming there is connection issues or the...

    VoidExile25 pointsBadges:
  • Windows 10 machine will not connect to network or Internet

    So I have an interesting question: When I'm trying to connect to the Internet of my Windows 10 machine, it says I can't connect to the network. This lasts around 30 minutes and then connects. Why is there such a delay? I checked the router and drivers and there are no issues. What can I do?

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  • Windows 10 Security Center Service will not start

    I'm currently in the Windows 10 'Security and Maintenance' section and when I try to turn it on, it says: The Windows Security Center Service can't be started. When I tried going through service.msc, Security Center and then Start, I get another error message: Error 1068 - The dependency service or...

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