• Windows 10 Task Scheduler is not performing

    For Windows 10 Task Scheduler, this task keeps not launching (missing it's scheduled time on a daily basis). Why could this be happening? Any suggestions?

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  • How to convert batch file into Powershell script

    So here's the situation: My batch files are not running from the Task Scheduler. The only time they do is when I'm logged in. If I were to convert these files into a Powershell script, would they run correctly? If so, is there a tool that would convert them to Powershell?

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  • Do not run task when CPU usage is high in Windows 10 Task Scheduler

    I currently have a task (through Windows 10 Task Scheduler) that runs when I'm not using my PC. But it does use a ton of resources. Here's my question: When my PC already has a high CPU usage, I don't want the task to run. How could I set that up? Thank you.

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  • Schedule task on particular date in Windows 10 Task Scheduler

    For Windows 10 Task Scheduler, I want to schedule a task the fifth day of every month (for example: March 5th, April 5th. etc). But I don't want to run it if that day lands on a Saturday or Sunday. If it does land on one of those two days, I want the task to go out on the following Monday. How can...

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  • Windows Server 2012 Task Scheduler Event IDs failure

    For my job, I was just given the assignment of monitoring Task Scheduler for Windows Server 2012 and I need to find the list of all Event IDs that get logged. This is just in case if anything fails. Where can I find that information?

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  • Run task in Windows Server 2012 Standard if file size is below certain standard

    Does any expert know of a way that Windows Server 2012 Standard can execute a task (from the Task Scheduler) when I have a file that's under a certain KB amount? What I mean is a certain file size. Any help would be awesome.

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  • Run PHP script on Windows Server 2008 Task Scheduler

    I'm running Windows Server 2008, and in Task Scheduler, I need to run a PHP script every four hours. But when I'm trying to schedule it, I'm only seeing either daily / hourly. How can I do this?

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  • Enabling Windows Server Task Scheduler history recording

    We currently have a Windows Server 2008 running several tasks (mainly just .BAT files calling PHP files). There are only two of us that use this (The administrator and the standard user too). We've used the standard user to clear the history logs in the Task Scheduler history tab using the Event...

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  • Backup, creating alt backup using Task Scheduler

    My question is I want to create a scheduled full system back up to run 1x a week. But also, i want to run a incremental back up daily. Problem: I want the daily incremental backup to basically be a full system back up as well, completely separate from the one i have running once a week. Now i know...

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  • EMail via MS Task Scheduler

    I have a process which is executed by Task Scheduler, the process runs ok, but the process that send email with attached report fail and hangs scheduler

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  • Is there a way to convert .job files to a new system?

    In my job I migrate lots of servers, to new hardware or to a virtual environment. Now we have to take settings like scheduled tasks along to the new environment. AT is cool, you easily pipe these jobs into a text file, but with the Task Scheduler it is different, as the .job files, under...

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