• sql server 2005 slow

    Several times during the day SQL Server 2005 Express is becoming very very slow (actually freezes), even if there was no activitry at all. After restart it is normal again for a couple of hours, then freezes again.

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  • Slowdown on a server running SQL Server 2000 and Windows Server 2003

    I have a server with SQL Server 2000 SP4 and Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition SP1 that runs SAP Business One. The server's specs are: ML350G5 XEON 2.0DC 4GB RAM 6 UNITS SAS 72GB C:=>Raid 1+0, D:=>DATA Files, E:LOG files, F:TempDB files Swith Hub: 3COM 2924 SFP plus 3COM 4210 Cable: CAT5E...

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  • Allowing SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition to utilize free physical memory

    I have two identical SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Editions running on Windows 2003 Enterprise servers. They both have 8GB of RAM with /PAW and /3GB switches configured. The max server memory is set to 7GB on both. On one of the servers, the available physical memory under Task Manager Is always...

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  • Dealing with a hyperactive SQL Server

    On occassion, our SQL Server goes hyper - 100% disk activity with I/O queues. It happens only once a year, lasts for a couple of days and then stops. We have our database administration staff look at it, but we have no real idea what the cause is. Can you suggest a direction or idea?

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  • Why might a maintenance plan fail to generate a SQL Server job?

    I was reading the article “Use the database maintenance plan wizard” on SearchSQLServer.com and wanted to ask, why in some cases, a maintenance plan would fail to generate a SQL Server job. I currently have cases where a maintenance plan was saved but jobs were not created at all or, in one...

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  • Sql server 2005 database filesize auto grow

    Hi i'm running sql server 2005 sp2 on a w2k cluster; i'm expericing this issue whereby the file size of a particular database will auto increase even though no one is even accessing it. Is there anyway to findout the cause of this issue or how can i stop the database from auto increasing the file...

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  • Flush the query plan from the RAM.

    Our clients are reporting that the sql server is slowing down over a period of time. Once the SQL Server is restarted everything is fine.SQL server slowing down over a period of time though has technical reasons. SQL server caches (in memory) the queries that are sent it to, expecting to reuse it...

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  • DB size

    Hi, I am using a software which is using SQL DB. Each time there is an error (one of the tasks fails) the DB grows. I would say over 1G per day! Currently I have DBs which are 45G and I am running out of space. Anyone has any idea how to shrink the DBs or do something to reduce the size. The LDFs...

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  • How to use partitioning in SQL Server database to avoid ‘timeout’ errors

    We have over 300 stores, and with each store having 30gb+ databases, each server is being upgraded to at least 6gb+ memory which is being forced allocated to SQL Server. I want to start to partition the existing SQL Server database by date. How do I go about doing it, because I have absolutely no...

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  • Is it possible to increase the amount of memory used by SQL Server 2005 to speed up response time?

    We have 1 server Proliant ML570T04 with 16GB di ram and 11 SAS Disk 70 gb. The software installed is SQL Server 2005, 32-bit and the application is Navision. With < 15 clients, the response time is slow because the SQL Server utilizes only 4 GB of ram. Is it possible to utilize the remaining...

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  • Looking to resolve SQL Server performance problems caused by using many temporary tables

    I need your advice on the SQL Server performance tuning. The Problem: We use a lot of temporary tables in our application, which is causing a lot of SQL Server performance problems. I read about the following solution on some site. "RamDisk presents a powerful solution to this problem by providing...

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  • SQL Server beginner looking for advice on performance tuning and maintenance

    I am particularly new to database management. I would like to know what I should monitor everyday on SQL Server. We have 40 databases – all the users complain to me that it is very slow. The hardware part is OK. Please tell me how I can tune & maintain databases. Where should I start? It is a...

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  • Upgrade to SQL Server 2005 resulted in 100% CPU utilization and application timeout error

    My server is DL580 running on Intel Xeon Dual core Dual CPU. I have recently migrated from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005. The server is dying and showing 100% CPU utilization and applications are getting Server Timeout expired error. What can I do?

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  • Can SQL Server 2003 provide CPU usage information by application?

    I have a Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1) machine and need to find out how much of the central processing unit (CPU) each application is using. I am familiar with task list for Windows XP, but the only task list I see on the Windows 2003 machine is a command line tool and it does not...

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  • SQL Server – I would like a stored procedure that will take the name of a table as input.

    I would like a stored procedure that will take the name of a table as input. What the procedure would do is drop all indexes on that table except any index that ends with U1 or P1, and save the information on the ones it drops. Then I would like another stored procedure that takes a table name as...

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  • Decreasing CPU usage on SQL Server 2005

    My SQL Server 2005 is installed in Windows Server 2003. CPU usage is always 90-100%. If more users connect to this SQL server using their local Management Studio, then the server will become very slow. Can you please tell me how to decrease CPU usage on this SQL Server – is there a step-by-step...

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  • Settng Memory Sql Server 2005 SP2 64Bit

    Hi I've a SQL Server 2005 sp2 64bit , i have to set memory and my server has 12gb fisical memory and 20gb paging file, what is the best pratices to set sql server memory for best performance? Thank You Best Regards Vincenzo

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