• Error with adapter based on JCo

    We have some problems with an Adapter.MySAP (of IBM) based on JCo. The message "RFC_SYSTEM_FAILURE" appears sometimes and the adapter is shuting down. How can I find the reason for this error? Is it an SAP problem or a JCo problem? SAP version : 4.7 JCO version : 2.1.4 librfc32.dll : 6402.2.41.4489...

    SillyITgirl0 pointsBadges:
  • Error in Posting a Parked Document

    I try to post a parked document (A/P doc) but got the error msg: "19xxx yr 2005, 1000, S, No batch input data for screen sapmf05A 0700". Doc is of type KR. This is done via FBV0 in R/3 v46B. It normally works for me. This doc has additional sales tax payable acct and prepaid expense acct. The debit...

    Joycesvp0 pointsBadges:
  • Accessing previous addresses for business partners in SAP

    I need to be able to report the address that a business document was sent to at the time the document was created in SAP R/3 version 4.6C. Currently, we only seem to be able to access the customer's current address using the address number on the document. Based on a little research I've done,...

    TBear4100 pointsBadges:
  • Using SAP EDI

    Hello, I am new to SAP EDI. I like to send purchase orders to vendors via EDI. Can i use BAPI or Function module or BDC to do it ? Would this be like creating a flat file and send to vendor ? Must i use IDOC since i am sending info out to vendors ? What are the requirements to perform an EDI here ?...

    Joycesvp0 pointsBadges:
  • SAP User Menu & Portals

    We are currently on SAP version 4.6c, and intend to install support packs up to number 48 to get relatively current. We also plan to begin utilizing Portals. With that in mind, we need to begin assigning users to roles instead or profiles to users. I need to know if: 1) There is any known problems...

    Burdziaks0 pointsBadges:
  • Table containing the text for authorization objects field

    Hi, 1. Can anyone tell me the name of the table which has the text for the authorization objects field. e.g. authorization object :a_a_view field: view. where do i get the text for these fields?

    PinkyV0 pointsBadges:
  • Time management Cycle and scheme. Continuous

    I need to check if consecutive resting time is equal to a certain amount of hours. For this reason, I need to cumulate time from the last working time to the next working time. How can I identify the last working time (or paid absence) and the first beginning working time? In the TIP table or is...

    Upie100 pointsBadges:
  • How to re-feed SAP data back to Taxware?

    I am using R/3 V46B and Taxware. Our financial info feeds into Taxware automatically. At one time, we lost 1 day of data going to Taxware. How can I re-feed those missing data into Taxware again ? Those missing doc are still in SAP. Any notes or any suggestions ? Thank you.

    Joycesvp0 pointsBadges:

    I noticed a strange thing. The requirement is straight. The report program runs as a background job and needs to spool data into multiple files in different folders. For this I gave a select-option for the filename on the selection screen referring rlgrap-filename (128 chars). But strangely enough...

    Amar21nath0 pointsBadges:
  • MRP with requirement from project/work order

    Dear SAPgurus, Did anyone know How to make reservation requirement from project (network order)/work order which not release yet to be consider during MRP run calculation? The background we need this because we want to make scheduling agreement for forecast 1 year requirement but the delivery...

    Corpsyst0 pointsBadges:
  • SAP Abap (Smartforms)-2

    Is it possible to specify our own page format (Paper size) in Smartforms, I need the page format size as 210 mm x 320 mm. Or please specify how to eject the printer after printing one sheet.

    Lavanya0 pointsBadges:
  • Add a new shipping Condition

    Hi there, I like to add a shipping condition via customizing for the SD module. Am on v4.6B. Can anyone pls show me how to do this ? Thank you.

    Joycesvp0 pointsBadges:
  • EDSDC table updates

    I'm looking for an alternative solution to having the BASIS team open the client so that I can update table EDSDC for new EDI trading partners. This is time consuming for them and our EDI team. This table is not transportable. How do other customers perform these updates? Any help will be greatly...

    Davegus0 pointsBadges:
  • Consignment Inventory Valuation at Specific Point in Time

    I am working on a report to be used for state inventory tax purposes. I have found an SAP function module that returns plant inventory valuations for any given fiscal period. I am having difficulty finding a similar FM that returns customer and vendor consignment valuations for the same period....

    ABAP1010 pointsBadges:
  • How to change RFQ Language in SAP?

    Dear sir, After created RFQ, I'd like to change RFQ language but system field is blind (not allow to change). How to change it? Best regards.

    Mysearchsap0 pointsBadges:
  • Using ABAP to link documents in R/3

    We are wanting to link word documents to transactions (specifically journal entries) in SAP. It can be done manually using object services. It can be very time consuming to access each transaction and and upload the document. Is there a way through ABAP, BDC, BAPI, or any other method to automate...

    DOCSAP0 pointsBadges:
  • SAP R/3 46C sales order Available to promise.

    We would like to run availablility checking on sales orders when we move material into stock from receiving. We are currently running V_V2, but this doesn't allow us to specify which sales orders we want to re-schedule, and as a result quotes are getting included and we don't want then to. Is there...

    Mojorisin0 pointsBadges:
  • SAP R/3 Installation

    Hello, I am installing SAP R/3 and everything went smooth until 96%. AT this stage, I got the following error emssage - RFCRSWBOINI_IND_IND startjob job RSWBOINI_JOB could not be started. ERROR : RFCRSWBOINI_IND_IND installation phase failed. Installation aborted . I tried to stop and start the SAP...

    Lakshmiv0 pointsBadges:
  • CATT in sap 4.0 B

    Can u please give the step-by-step procedure to create a CATT with external variant in 4.0 B ? Thanx in advance

    Umangs0 pointsBadges:
  • database server needs to be reloaded with software but database is intact

    We have an intact database but lost the server. What method can we use to reestablish the database to the SAP database server?

    BasisDBA350 pointsBadges:

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