• Printing on AS/400

    Can we dynamically control the number of copies to be printed on AS/400 session. Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks

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  • Record Selection

    I have a requirement : Say on a display file screen if you enter a particular department, then the next screen should show employee details of that department only. Can I use OPNQRYF for selection of records based on department and then call the RPG prog. which will show the next screen..Will that...

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  • OVRDBF command

    Suppose I use the following command in my CL program: OVRDBF file(Test) tofile(Qtemp/Test) Now I call my RPG program which has the file named Test. If I have to write records to the Test file, does that mean that the records will be written to the Qtemp/Test file ? If that is the case then my...

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  • FTP Netout :Software caused connection abort

    HI, I'm having problems with FTP savefiles from PC to the AS400. This is the error msg i am getting .... 150 Sending file to member x in file x in library x. > Netout :Software caused connection abort 426-Cannot write to member x in file x in library x. 426 Data transfer ended. I have tried to...

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  • C# How to disable ‘new row’ in DataGrid?

    Is there a way to disable new rows in DataGrid in C#? There is a a * (asterisk) always at the last row of the datagrid. The datagrid contains editable data and I do not want to use "ReadOnly=True" to disable the "New Row (*)" at the end of the datagrid. Any information is appreciated. Thanks....

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  • Programming General

    What are differences between following terms AND give advantages and disadvantges for each? - COM - COM+ - MTS - Activex Component - DCOM - CORBA - RMI - .NET

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  • PHP on a microsoft webserver

    We have a web sever at my work a that has the company internet and intranet sites on it. We want to put up another website using php, is this possible on a microsoft webserver?

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  • Field ‘input enabled’ attribute

    I am looking to use the 'input enabled' attribute to control who is able to input data in a specific field. I have not been successful in locating any information on whether this feature is suitable for this or not. Also, what would be the type of code required to use it?

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  • Webenabling of green screens

    I am trying to web enbale a sample green screen using Webfacing & WDSc. I have a written a CL program that just SNDRCVF the screen record format which consists of a sample text to display. It works fine when I call the CL program from the command prompt. I have converted this screen using Webfacing...

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  • QDLS?

    I attended an iSeries users group meeting recently and one of the participants advised against using QDLS. I don't recall the specific issue but it had something to do with QDLS not being thread-safe. It may have been a security issue. Can anyone elaborate on this issue? Our shop doesn't use QDLS...

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  • QUSRSPLA / QSPCRTSP API problem Release 5.1 to 5.3

    We have an in-house program that is job logging. This program copies one spool file to another as part of our outq monitor / fax / email distibution process. It calls the QUSRSPLA API to get the spool file attributes and then calls the QSPCRTSP API to duplicate the spool file. It blows up and the...

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  • Merge PCL (printer control language) with AS/400 data to print directly from the AS400.

    We want to use a 3rd party software package to design forms (example VICs Bill of Lading with bar codes etc.), create a PCL (printer control language) file with it and then merge that PCL file with AS/400 data to print the forms natively from the AS/400. Apparently one of our divisions (running on...

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  • TopIndex property for .NET Web ListBox

    I'm trying to automatically scroll down to the last inserted item in a multi-select ListBox when only a few of the total # of rows are visible. Windows.Forms ListBox control has a TopIndex property that allows you to do that, but there is no similar property for the Web control. Note: In a single...

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  • CHGLIBL Question

    We have a home-grown menu system that integrates CL commands into the menu calls. One command is CHGLIBL LIBLD(HUMSDTA) - used to (obviously) change a library list. Then the appropriate program is called and a RSTLIBL command is issued. Where can I find the description of HUMSDTA and how do I...

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    Is it possible in a printer file to have the duplex feature on using a front overlay and a back overlay, but use the FORCE keyword to have it print on two pages - not front and back? I know that the back overlay only works when duplexing is on. Anyone up for a challenge. Thanks.

    cmarsellus50 pointsBadges:
  • Batch File

    I am looking for some help composing a batch file that will copy a folder on my LAN to C in a folder on the local machine. Thank you

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  • “Dynamic” Copy/Transfer Utility

    We are looking to design a script that copies data files from a specific directory where the name of the directory changes based on date. Example: Today = \servershare041210datafile.dat Tomorrow = \servershare041211datafile.dat Each day the system creates a new directory according to the system...

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  • The WebSphere Webfacing Tool

    I'm currently evaluating the webfacing tool for a proposal, and my question is if this tool is only available for iseries or is there a version of WebSphere developer for windows platforms that enables webfacing tool? I've managed to work and build some demos using WebSphere Server and WebSphere...

    NunoGuerreiro40 pointsBadges:
  • Excel Help

    What I have now is a simple excel spreadsheet to input numbers and info. What I want to do with it is make it a template and have one cell in the top left corner to add a new number in order each time a new user opens it. For example in the cell would be number 123 and the next time when someone...

    Ctg02315 pointsBadges:
  • Manipulating members using CL

    I'm trying to build a CL program that will read a physical file and check the creation date of each member against my criteria. Unfortunately, I have almost zero experience with CL and file handling, so I haven't the foggiest how to manage this. My questions are as follows: 1. Is there some syntax...

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