• Resize Microsoft Word table symmetrically

    Hi all, I've been trying resize a Microsoft Word table for the past couple of hours but it's not resizing symmetrically. I'm selecting it on the bottom right hand corner but it's only affecting the height. What should I do?

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  • Moving formulas over to new column after copying Microsoft Excel spreadsheet

    Hi, Here's what I want to do. I would like to copy an Excel worksheet to a new sheet but there's the catch: I need to move all of the formulas into a new column. I just want to move them over one column. How can I arrange this? Or would I just have to do this manually?

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  • Make changes to Microsoft Excel Gantt chart

    My friend sent me a Microsoft Excel template for a Gantt chart (I need to use it at my office). But I would like to make some changes to the chart itself (particularly the colors and different formulas). How can I do that?

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  • Insert logo between Microsoft Word page border

    Hello ITKE experts, For Microsoft Word, how could I insert a logo (for my startup company) between the page border? Is there a setting I have to check off to accomplish this? Thanks so much.

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  • Limit number of Microsoft Word fonts

    For Microsoft Word, would I be able to limit the number of fonts that are available? I don't use half of them so I just want to remove them. How can I do that? Thanks so much.

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  • Installed Office 2016 programs are not appearing

    So I'm currently in the process of upgrading from Office 2013 to Office 2016 finally! It looks like the installation went through, but I'm not seeing any of the apps on my machine (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc). Should I have uninstalled 2013 first before installing 2016? Any help would be great....

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  • Redacted text after scanning PDF file

    After scanning my PDF file it was changed to HTM file type because I redacted SS numbers. I can't get it to display with any of browsers: IE, Foxfire, of Chrome. What to do?

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  • Transfer data from one Microsoft Excel cell to other cells

    So I think the answer to my question is a macro but I need to make sure. In Microsoft Excel, I need to transfer data from one to various other cells in my worksheet. How can that be done? Would a macro work here?

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  • Open Zax files in Excel

    Can l open .zax files in excel?

    EdwardCormani10 pointsBadges:
  • PDF pound sign problems

    When I print a word document as a PDF, sometimes pound signs (##) appear that are not in the original document. Is there anything I can do to ensure this does not happen? Thank you!

    AmbiNomos10 pointsBadges:
  • Convert PDF file into XML file

    How can I convert a PDF file into an XML file?

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  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheet keeps getting corrupted

    We have this pretty old Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that gets saved several times a day. But we've begun to notice that it gets corrupted about once a week. It has a couple of plugins and is using the latest version of Office/Excel. Why does it keep getting corrupted? Any suggestions?

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  • Change English numbers to Arabic numbers

    How I can change English numbers to Arabic numbers?

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  • Disable Microsoft Excel sheet bounce

    Hi experts, I'm not sure anyone can help but here goes: At the top of an Excel spreadsheet, does anyone know how to disable the sheet bounce (or touch scroll bounce)? Hopefully I said that correctly. The bouncing values are set at zero but it's not working. Any ideas? I'm on Windows 10

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  • Zero keeps disappearing in my Excel spreadsheet column

    So I'm adding some of my personal information into an Excel 2007 workbook and I've noticed that when I put in a number count that starts with zero, it automatically disappears. Here's an example: 012345678 changes to 12345678 What do I have to do keep the zero as entered and not disappear.

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  • Export image in the MySQL database through Excel?

    How can I export image in the MySQL database going to Excel? Please help.

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  • Microsoft Word and Office will not scroll with scrollbar

    So I noticed something particularly strange with Windows 10 Enterprise. My Microsoft Office programs will stop scrolling with the scroll bar. It's only happening with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word. It just doesn't move sometimes. Any suggestions?

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  • How to convert EXE files to PDF or DOC files in Python

    I have this project to convert EXE to PDF or DOC with Python. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • How to extend text beyond Microsoft Excel cell

    In Microsoft Excel, I have a bunch of text in a particular cell. The alignment is currently at 90 degrees. But now I need to extend the text beyond the cell (just too much to add). Wrap text is already off. How can I do this? Should I just merge the cells? Thank you.

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  • What is XIS used for?

    If the file extension PPT is used for Microsoft PowerPoint then what is XIS used for?

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