• Setup an sms to email gateway

    Required to setup an sms to email gateway so that customers can SMS the problem they face with Internet or other systems and it can be uploaded into the systems using an email.

    Eduado0 pointsBadges:
  • “Content Advisor” Password Lockout

    I've got a customer who somehow activated the content advisor for the web browser. None of us have any idea how this actually happened. Bottom-Line is that he can't browse anywhere without supplying a "Supervisor" password - which no one knows. I've found references on the web about removing the...

    Bobkberg1,070 pointsBadges:
  • Office XP STD and User Profiles.

    I wonder if anyone could help me clear something up. Basically I installed Office XP STD on a machine using a profile which I latered created a default profile from. Now every user account which picks up this default profile displays the same username when opening an office application on the...

    DarrenAdministartor0 pointsBadges:
  • Can the XML Element be assimilated without losing orig document?

    Is there anyway to get the Microsoft XML Element(Data Island) to be returned as the result of a Form Element submittal and included or incorporated into the current client-side document containing the initiating Form Element? Presently, the only choice on return to the client is to include the XML...

    Aascotty0 pointsBadges:
  • IT Security

    Hi all, Thanks to all those who answered to my question"FTP sites" Can anyone of you let me know about the available products that we can use for our organisations IT security..Also let me know what products are available to find out vulnerabilities in a network. Appreciate your response. Thanks...

    Tarang0 pointsBadges:
  • Library management system

    i need a free library management system running on window or linux that can keep track of who has what cd/books any one help plse

    Eduado0 pointsBadges:
  • BITS & Automatic Update Issues

    Dear All, Can you help please? Automatic Updates problem. I have recentl upgraded to the new update Microsoft Automatic Update version and ever since have been having problems. I have been able in the interim download the necessary critical updates etc directly from the Microsoft site, so the good...

    Jessica0 pointsBadges:
  • The Visual Basic for Applications project in the database is corrupt

    I am using Microsoft Access 2003. I made some changes in a visual basic module and then I changed the source of a list box in a form. Then I saved the form and opened it to test. The next thing I get is "The Visual Basic for Applications project in the database is corrupt". All articles I have...

    Randym1,740 pointsBadges:
  • MS – Excel Question

    Hello All: I am in need of some help with Excel. What I am trying to do is as follows: Based on the presence of a valid value, meaning other than spaces or null, in a cell I need to perform a calculation using 2 other cells. One cell will be in the same row as the cell with the valid value while...

    Rjournitz5740 pointsBadges:
  • Front-End Reporting Tools for Secure Web Service Application with MS-SQL server

    Hi... We are a Cdn Govt agency involved in Satellite Operations with a commercial partner based across the country. We will need to build/buy a small web service application for reporting purposes that will require minimal IT experise to build or maintain. The back end RDBMS engine is built with MS...

    Mmosystem0 pointsBadges:
  • Changing the default “save as type” option

    When saving a web page, how can I change the initial default option in the "save as type" dropdown menu from "web page, complete" to "web page, HTML only" as the first option?

    Afscheck0 pointsBadges:
  • Microsoft Office Powerpoint Problem

    One of my helpdesk people came to me with an interesting question for a problem I have never seen before. We have multiple users using both Powerpoint 2000 and 2003. We have a ppt slide that is sometimes accessed and changed by 15 to 20 different people at different times. The problem is this. When...

    RoscoePColtrain0 pointsBadges:

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