I have been asked to produce new printed output in the Helvetica style. I have looked high and low for the font codes to plug into the CRTPRTF cmd with no sucess. Where can I find a listing of these 2, 3 & 4 byte codes (ie 18, 82) We don't have printed documentation on site, and I seem to be...

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  • As400 Printing

    I have an HP4000 printer with Sheet feeder tray 1 and 2 sheet cassette drawers. If tray 2 (Main tray) runs out of media, it will pull from tray 3. Tray 3 is more expensive, label media. Is there a way to limit the drawer selection to tray 2 even if it is out of media? Thanks.

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  • Font IDs

    I have created a printfile with a devtype = *AFPDS. One of the reasons I have done this is to take advantage of the different font sizes. Does anyone have a list of all the fonts and their corresponding print types? For instance, if I wanted to print in gothic or italics, what font size would I...

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  • How do I redirect DFU spooled files to a specified output queue?

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  • How do I redirect DFU spooled files to a specified output queue?-2

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  • How do i find the IP address of a BOS e-TwinPrint Twinax to IP converter?

    We have a Twinax to IP converter in a remote site that has stopped responding. I need to remotely determine the IP address of this unit so i can manage it. It's a single unit that allows a single twinax printer (IBM 6400) to talk over TCP/IP Ethernet. I know the address of the printer, but not the...

    Jaicee0 pointsBadges:
  • AFP Overlay Help! (lining up spooled output with overlay)

    Ugh... Is there an easy way to "match up" an overlay with the printer file output, rather than by trial and error? I have a Word Doc (created by user) that they want for a Bill of Lading Form, and I've created the overlay...unfortunately, the majority of the output looks fine, but some fields print...

    MMAGuy85 pointsBadges:
  • Printing using a client access printer session

    At various time we have attempted to print from our iSeries system to a client access printer session. This session is connected remoting via an IP address. Is this possible at all.

    AS400PCFileTransfer16115 pointsBadges:
  • Printing a barcode from the O specs of an RPG program

    Specifically, I need information on how to print a barcode from the O specs of an RPG program. I found an example to print a barcode by passing hex in the O specs, but I didn't understand the how to part. I realize this is an older way of printing a barcode as I am aware of how to use the DDS and...

    Wooting0 pointsBadges:
  • IBM 4224

    Hi everyone, I have 2 printer IBM 4224 in a remote office connecting by twinax and using remote controller 5394. I change my comunications for TCP/IP. Now I have a problem because 5394 don't pass TCP/IP. Do you Know if existe something hardware who allowde me connect the printer with twinax over...

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  • MS SQL Server 2000

    Hi All, Can we connect remotely (from outside LAN) to a MS SQL server 2000 using enterprise manager? If so, what are the steps?

    Sudh2k0 pointsBadges:
  • can strqmqry be run as remote command

    I am trying to run strqmqry via a dos/cmd ftp session. command: QUOTE RCMD STRQMQRY QMQRY(lib/qry) ... where ... are other options I followed various instructions posted here and on as400 tech sites on how to create the query. I was able to do all of that via a dos/cmd ftp session (except for...

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  • Printing a PDF document from the Iseries

    Does anyone know if it is possible to print an existing PDF document from within a CL or RPG program. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  • Remote printing error

    I am migrating an AS400 system, and need to move spool files from one sytem to another via IP. I have created a remote out queue and and when I put a spool file into the sending (source) out queue it changes to a save status. On the target system, the spool file shows up with the correct...

    Marccarpenter0 pointsBadges:
  • iSeries (AS/400) – Wanting to print to PDF using GhostScript or other software

    We have PostScript files on the AS/400 and we need to convert them to PCL for printing and also to PDF. Having much trouble getting Ghostscript even to compile on the AS/400, so I am looking for another "free" method to do what we need. Our software runs in a browser window connected to the AS/400...

    DougRaw0 pointsBadges:
  • The server with this database is no longer responding

    I am trying to access a link in a Database on the LNS through the lotus client but it is throwing the error message 'The server with this DB is no longer responding Should notes switch to a replica on other server'. The link is accessible from a other client.I have shutdown the firewall also....

    Prasanna400 pointsBadges:
  • psf/400 email mapping exit program

    ***** Some background. We are trying to email spool file(s) using PSFCFG object with the mail server set to *Local. TCP/IP, SMTP, and POP are setup and started. The SNDDST command works. When we set the User Defined Data on the spool file to MAILTAG with a valid email address and the mapping...

    Jim328100 pointsBadges:
  • Generic TCIP Print Server to talk to AS400/ISeries/I5

    We are unable to get the AS400 to talk to a generic D-Link TCPIP Print Server. We can ping from the 400, but we cannot print to it. We setup a remote writer and the spool just stays in a "send" status. Can this be done, if so how? thanks, Mark

    Markp220 pointsBadges:
  • Printing logos inside an OS/400 spool file

    OK. Here's there deal. I am needing to print a logo at the top of a normal spool file created on the i5. Now, the logo will need to be stored as a font in the memory of the local HP printer. So I will have to -- Prior to sending the actual spool file -- 1) Install the PCL font in the printer by...

    Coop4bama0 pointsBadges:
  • Laser Check printing of MICR codes

    We are wanting to generate laser checks. Where can I find the DDS specs required to generate the MICR codes (fonts & special characters) that print at the bottom of the checks? We do not want to purchase any additional software for printing of MICR information.

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