• PC printfiles not being deleted from QUEUES on IBM1332 used as 400 and network printers

    I have several IBM 1332 printers set up to print from the AS400 and print from PC applications(EXCEL,WORD,etc) for networked users. The 400 printing has priority and then PC applications are released. We are having sporadic problems with the PC generated printing not being deleted until we do it...

    Bigmac461,000 pointsBadges:
  • Mail Merge on AS/400 – Replacment for Text Mgmt or AS/400 Office

    We have an old system that uses a third-party replacement product for text management or AS/400 office to produce customer letters. We have all kinds of different letters stored and maintained as documents in folders and RPG programs that produce extract files and use supplied commands in our CL's...

    Msbceres0 pointsBadges:
  • Printing to a Zebra 160S

    I have a Zebra 160s we want to utilize to print plain text labels. (It's a replacement for a dying dot matrix printer.) The printer is connected to our AS400 using a Jetdirect card. I can print to the printer using TL Ashford's Barcode400 software. However, I would like to use the existing programs...

    Beverly0 pointsBadges:
  • Printing After an Upgrade

    We just finished an upgrade from V5R1 to V5R2 and most of the reports that are being sent from RPG programs to network laser printers are now printing the reports in landscape rather than portrait. This is over many different kinds of printers and is causing much grief. Any help would be greatly...

    HarveyBWR0 pointsBadges:
  • How to create outq for Cannon IR5000 attached to iseries by *lan

    Has anyone had any experience or success setting up a remote output queue for a network Cannon 5000. All I can get is garbage. I tried many different values. Any help would be appreciated!

    Behrlej0 pointsBadges:
  • Detail FNTCHRSET lost with variable line in POSITION

    We have varying fonts used on a form. When we specify the POSITION exactly, the FNTCHRSET is used for printing as requested. However, if we use a variable for the line in POSITION, the FNTCHRSET seems to be ignored. Example which prints fine using Helvetica Italic Bold: ------------ A R PRTLIN A...

    SteveKC5F0 pointsBadges:

    UPDATE YOUR AREAS OF EXPERIENCE The following categories have been added to the AS400 ? iSeries section. Application development Systems management PC/Windows connectivity groupware & e-mail Career Opportunities for iSeries These categories were added last week: Backup & recovery Security Printing...

    DebraTart0 pointsBadges:
  • Trace the source of a spool file

    Richard wrote in with this question recently: "How can I trace the source of a spool file? We looked at the spool file attributes of the spoolfile, but they only show the last job. We need to find the submitting job." Any thoughts? -- Debra Tart, associate editor, Search400.com

    DebraTart0 pointsBadges:
  • Program-described Printer file in RPG ILE

    1. Why can't I view all the columns in my report from my spoolfile? 2. Is there any way to view all columns in my report as defined in the RPG ILE program with the printer file being program-described? Inputs: -when I ran the report, only up to 132 columns can be viewed from my spoolfile. -This is...

    Shadow4000 pointsBadges:
  • Receiving journal entries

    Hi, I am new to AS400, so need some help in solving a problem. I have tried to some extent but things seem to be more complicated than I thought. Problem Goal: receiving entries from a journal and putting them into a DB2 table in a predefined format(say Type5). RCVJRNE command can be used to...

    Pprasad1230 pointsBadges:
  • Damaged File In Save Operations

    I have a file that is damaged, therefore, it will not save during my nightly backups. The file is QASZRAIRD in library QUSRSYS. Does anyone know what this file is used for or how I can find out what this file is used for? Can I delete the file and re-create the file, or will that cause more of a...

    Bkr0963c0 pointsBadges:
  • Installing PTFs questions and concerns.

    I am now responsible for installing PTFs on the as400. I will be performing my first install on June 25th. I have some questions if someone doesn't mind helping? 1. Documentation says to check the CD to make sure that it works. I put the CD in my CD drive at my local PC and browsed through the...

    Bkr0963c0 pointsBadges:
  • Missing rows in HTML table outprint

    From our database (Oracle 8i) we produce a listing using Active Server Pages / ADO to create an HTML table that may cover a two-digit number of pages in outprint. The table width is set to 99%. But when printed directly from web browser (IE 6.0; paper orientation landscape) there are not only...

    Onilke95 pointsBadges:
  • Printing with Axis print server for example 5400.

    Hi It's possible printing directly to Axis print server from OS/400 V510 or V520 or V530 like a printer for example HP5000 with a network card? I configure a HP with a network card this way Criar Descr Disp (Impressora) (CRTDEVPRT) Indique as opc?es, prima Enter. Descric?o de dispositivo . . . ....

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