• Direct insert into a remote Oracle RDBMS (not running SAP) from SAP. Can it be done from SAP?

    We need to insert SAP data directly into a staging table in a non-SAP app on a remote Oracle 9.2 DB. We've been given write access to only this one table in the remote Oracle DB. Currently, we create a flat file in SAP (on a DB400 DB), FTP the file to an intermediate Oracle DB owned by our group,...

    Hof11a0 pointsBadges:
  • Oracle query to count rows in tables

    Does anyone have a PL/SQL script to count the rows in all the tables in a given schema? No use reinventing the wheel... TIA, Mike

    Mikron20 pointsBadges:

    Hi Brian, I am a student at West Virgibia University, and manage a database with tables. My problem is that my system has crashed, I can get it up and running but on a different partition, so that my files are intact on the original partition, but my database wont run, because it was installed on...

    Deepakjha0 pointsBadges:
  • Conversion of de-duplicated Customer Numbers due to source system change

    We have a Data Warehouse which de-duplicates Customers from 3 operational systems to enable more accurate customer reporting, data mining & CRM activities. We have several month-end snapshots history. Our organisation is building a new Operation Data Store which will now take over the de-dupe & key...

    Szppt80 pointsBadges:
  • Connectin to a computer with oracle via internet, Error: ORA-12535: TNS:operation timed out

    I am trying to connect to another computer with Oracle 10G, via internet. I have defined a local service name, SRM, with the remote IP adress (which is a router/firewall), and port 1521. When i issue the commande TNSPING SRM I get a successfull reply: Ok, (100 msek), but when I test the service...

    Perherman0 pointsBadges:
  • ORA-00959 Error

    Hi, I am new to Oracle and I am trying to create a simple table as USER1. I connect as SYS and create USER1, USER2 as follow: CREATE USER "USER1" IDENTIFIED BY "user1pass" DEFAULT TABLESPACE "users" TEMPORARY TABLESPACE "TEMP" ACCOUNT UNLOCK; GRANT "CONNECT" TO "USER1"; GRANT CREATE TABLE TO...

    JamesNguyen0 pointsBadges:

    To refresh a test schema using import from a production export, (rows=no, ignore=y -- or any combo), I wish to verify that for object code with the same name, (procedures, functions etc.) that the import will replace existing procedures, only replace procedures that are older than in the...

    Paralogist0 pointsBadges:
  • Oracle 9i Query Time

    What would be an expected time to run a query that will extract 1.4 million records? There are two tables involved. Customer and Address. And No Condition.

    Jummadaay0 pointsBadges:
  • Removing spaces between two words in SQL

    Hi, I have a table called employee and column called Name. The column Name contains (firstname lastname)i.e. firstname 'space' lastname. I want to retrieve just the firstname from the column Name for ALL the employees. I have tried using the function "substring" but since the firstname can be of...

    Kpatel0 pointsBadges:
  • Locate databases on an AS400

    Greetings. I recently "inherited" an AS400 model 720 after another staff member left. I'm a "newbie" with this system, but have been tasked to find the active DB2 databases still in use on the system. I can check my BRMS logs and see which libraries have changed from day to day, but I am unsure...

    Nadrel0 pointsBadges:
  • Database Admin.

    I'm currently in my 6th qutr. at ITT tech studying cns i'm interested in database admin. what skills or cert. will I need to get an entry level job? Where can I obtain such skills?

    Morpheus960 pointsBadges:
  • Importing Data in SQL Server 2000. “Integrity violation error” in RowID column

    Hi All, I have a table called Employees(RowID,EmpNo, Lastname, Firstname). Here RowID is autogenerated by the system. It is the primary key and DOES NOT allow NULL values. I CANNOT change the table structure. I am trying to import data from a text file through the Import Data Wizard in the...

    Kpatel0 pointsBadges:
  • Oracle migration: What is the best approach to migrate a 24/7 8I database to a 9I database in a new box and minimize the downtime ?

    I am thinking on using a backup (cold/hot or RMAN) to the new box that is preloaded with 9I( + 9.0.5 patch) with a new instance same SID, same dbname, run the migration script and .. . how can I synchronize or serialize with the old 8I database that is still running after the migration 9I database?...

    Beginner90 pointsBadges:
  • Help with VBA Code for retrieving data from a table in an MS Access Database

    Hi, I'm new around here. I'm a student in the programming field. I have a question for those of you with experience with VBA, VB, or SQL coding languages. Basicly what I'm looking to do with my database is have it fill in the remaining related fields in a form when the Primary key field is selected...

    Suprababe0 pointsBadges:
  • Erros starting SQLPLUS after a no problems installation (oracle)

    I'm running Fedora Core 3 In my terminal I $ sqlplus and I'm prompted for my username and password. No matter what I type in, I get these error messages ORA-01034: ORACLE not available ORA-27101: shared memory realm does not exist It makes me think I've got my uname and password wrong but I don't -...

    Keithcybin0 pointsBadges:
  • Oracle ./runInstaller problem

    Dear Oracle Experts, I came across the following problem when trying to update my Oracle 9.2 to Oracle When I typed > ./runInstaller for the Oracle patch. I get the following error. "You do not have permission to write to the inventory /oracle/product/db/920/$ORACLE_HOME....

    Asiankiwi0 pointsBadges:
  • Locate similar data in different oracle schemas

    I was told that there is some freeware (or really cheap software) that can find duplicate data in different schemas. My company has acquired a lot of smaller companies, but has not merged the data. Each company/application has its own oracle schema. For example, schema 1 has a table with a column...

    Cicssc0 pointsBadges:
  • Recovery to a Remote Site

    We take nightly full backups of an 9i database using RMAN. We plan to ship the backup tapes tapes and archive logs to a remote site. (We also use Dataguard between the two sites, but the question is not related to Dataguard). Question: If I were to lose the entire primary site (fire), can I use the...

    David440 pointsBadges:
  • Oracle 10g Standard on Win 2003 Server Standard – Shutdown database thereafter cannot Startup, require restart

    Hi there On server side + SQL*Plus tool! connect sys/pwd @sid as sysdba shutdown immediate or abort startup mount ORA-12528: TNS:listener: all appropriate instances are blocking new connection Use lsnrctl status - blockage - stop service + restart same error message. Other steps -->...

    ImraneA0 pointsBadges:
  • Connecting Oracle to Microsoft SQL

    Can anyone assist in connecting my oracle database to a Microsoft SQL server. This will be in the form of table linking. Please this is quit URGENT and your help will be very much appriciated. Thks, anthonio

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