• RFC question

    I have a VB program which connects to SAP and calls an RFC-enabled function module. The RFC module selects several rows of data from different tables and stores these in an internal table as an export parameter. Can this lead to a data_buffer_exceeded exception?

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    Where can I find well-defined and clear-cut descriptions of SAP SRM reconciliation capabilities? Possibly a demo? Or FAQs and pros and cons about the capability?

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  • Configuring access for BSP in mySAP CRM

    My company recently installed mySAP CRM 4.0. When I tried to run the CRM BSP Application by adding the BSP Application to my favorites (CRMD_CASE), it started the browser but hit an error indicating: 'HTTP 403 (Forbidden): You are not authorized to view this page' What do we need to configure to...

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  • Reading Batch Job Spools for CAT6 and Time Evaluation

    Hello, We have a manual process in place to do time transfer and time evaluation. We have an employee population of 26,000. So we split the CAT6 for every 2000-3000 employees so the job will be completed soon and we do this every payroll week day.For Time evaluation we split the jobs into 35 using...

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  • .NET worth it?

    We have a big VB5 application and we intend to integrate it with SAP. We do not want to convert the VB app to .NET. This will be a huge task. Since DCOM connector is no longer supported, what is the alternative for connecting to SAP from our VB app.?

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  • Travel Plan approval fails —

    Hello I get the following error message when trying to approve a travel plan: "No entry in table T549Q for argument 00 at time 04/21/2005" The table appears to have all the correct settings for the payroll periods for the US; I have clearly missed a crucial Travel--Payroll integration step in...

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  • Is there an XML function module?

    I am working on an SAP project, and I have a text file in XML format that I need to read in SAP. Is there any function module to read a text file in XML format?

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  • Internet Address for user & HR Master Data

    We are manually maintaining the internet address on the user master records (transaction SU01) and on the communication infotype 105 (transaction PA30). Is there any type of integration between these two areas that would allow the entry to be made in one place, but have the other area automatically...

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  • Time management Cycle and scheme. Continuous

    I need to check if consecutive resting time is equal to a certain amount of hours. For this reason, I need to cumulate time from the last working time to the next working time. How can I identify the last working time (or paid absence) and the first beginning working time? In the TIP table or is...

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  • Supplemental tax for over 1 million is 35% and up to a million is 25%. How could we automate this in SAP?

    Hi, We had a few employees that cross over a $1,000,000 in supplemental payments in January. We had to split the payment into one that goes up to 1 million. Then we had to do an off cycle for the rest of the supplemental pay for the next day and create a 35% override in IT 234. Does any one have a...

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  • Tool to copy data from one client to a test or training client

    Have any of you use a tool that would enable to create appropriate SAP HR test and training environments without having to create client copies? If that is the case which tool have you use and what results did you get: easy to use, fast, etc.

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